Your Business Checklist

The list of business checklist essentials includes a website, a phone number, and yes, a mobile app.

Your Business Checklist is the easiest way to connect with customers.

Then, as technology developed, one of the first mass communication devices was invented: the telephone. As they became more popular, they eventually became a must for businesses. Why? Because it was the easiest way to connect with customers. Instead of expecting people to come down to your shop for all their needs, it became possible for people to call in orders, check on store hours, or ask other questions. So businesses needed to adapt.

Technology continued to develop, and the Internet connected the computers of every household. And as it became more popular, it became a must for a business to have a website, again because it opened up a new easy-to-use channel for connecting with customers. Why ask people to call up or visit your store when they can easily check up on information, browse inventory, or communicate using the Web? The convenience of prospects and customers, and the benefits of efficient information sharing had again driven businesses to embrace new technology.

Now, the same is happening with mobile devices.

Customers can’t be expected to wait until they’re home to browse your website or submit orders, and they can’t be expected to call in with all questions. They have mobile devices with them at all times, capable of doing nearly everything they want them to do, and now it’s businesses’ turn to pay to catch up once again.

The good news is, mobile websites and apps are super-easy to create and offer a huge amount of benefits beyond just increasing customer convenience and satisfaction. Mobile orders boost revenue, push notifications allow businesses to generate activity on special offers and deals, and social media tabs allow for easy referrals and leveraging of customer networks.

In short, mobile is a win on both sides, and the time has come for fuller adoption for businesses that don’t want to fall behind the competition. Naturally, XPLORION Apps is ready to help, with the world’s most popular app builder for small businesses.