Your App on Your Clients Phone

You need your app on your clients phone because today’s customers are going straight to their Smart Phones to seek out businesses and products., rendering even desktops and laptops obsolete. You need to make room for your app on your client’s phone by offering fantastic apps.

Are they able to connect with your business?

Businesses now understand the importance of having an app and many have developed and introduced them already.

Does your business have one?

Services like XPLORION allow businesses to get your app on your clients phone. These apps are easy for customers to access and are full of services and functions that make customer interactions easy, convenient, and fun.

The time is now to get your app on your clients phone!

An app can help any small business in any industry because it allows businesses to stay relevant and in constant contact with each of their customers. Investing in an app is worth the money and should be considered an improvement and an investment toward future revenue.

According to Ray Sidney-Smith, owner of W3 Consulting, a marketing and technology firm, “Consumers are going into the app store to try and solve a problem or fill a need.” If your business comes up in their search, you’ll have gained a customer. Without it, you’re losing out on a huge segment of the population that no longer scours through the yellow pages or goes online to find helpful goods and services.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business.

Make sure to invest the time to really develop the features and services that you want to offer in the app, and make sure it stands out and acts as an extension of yourself and your business. The app should be functional and provide an interaction not available in any other outlet, but without being too busy or hard to navigate.

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User Interface and customer relations are keys to having a successful business as well as a successful app. The time taken to build an app features is an investment in marketing and customer relations.

Social Media Integration
Rewards Programs
Mobile Shopping Carts
Newsletter Feature
Reservation System
Push Notifications
Mobile Food Ordering
3rd Party Integrations
And much more…

Listed above are only a few of the available features available on XPLORION’s platform, where you can easily design the best experience possible for your customers. Make sure to incorporate not only your message, but an opportunity for customers to interact with you and your business – online ordering and FAQs, and any other questions or comments relevant to your business.

Join us today to create a functional & engaging mobile app for your customers. Make space for your company on your customer’s smartphone today.