The term agency is frequently used to describe many different types of marketing companies. This has led to a somewhat muddled definition of the word. Whether your company specializes in branding, marketing strategies, web design, app development or any other service in the space, there is an accumulation of these offerings under one generic name; Agency. Agencies clearly have a wide range of services to offer, and the industry today is seeing a massive movement of disintermediation – Meaning you no longer need to find multiple service providers because a single agency can manage all aspects of your marketing needs.

The most important process an agency will undergo, is creating, sending and winning proposals (emphasis on winning). So what separates your agency apart from the endless list of competitors? You are all offering similar services, so why pick your proposal over another? The answer to this question is a combination of differentiation and creativity during the proposal process.

There’s been a recent shift in marketing tactics; content has become king and information has taken a back seat. Thanks to social media and web presence, information on offered services is easily attainable. Content on the other hand is what consumers want, but can’t find unless you are specifically providing it. As a marketing agency you already know the importance of content marketing and your day-to-day tasks should reflect this knowledge.

Step outside the box with your proposals and show your prospects that you mean business. Rather than sending a boring list of what you could do for a client, cut out the fluff and show them. Build them an app, and do it fast. By providing your prospects with a powerful, functioning mobile marketing tool right of the bat, you will prove your abilities and leave no doubts in your prospects’ minds.

Use a trusted platform to create and provide professional apps in a matter of hours. These apps are the pieces of content your prospects are after, so why not start the conversation off right and just give them one? Re-shaping your proposal process to include a mobile app will not only boost your reputation as an agency, but will help you win more proposals too.