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LogiFusion’s Web Management helps you deliver engaging, customer-focused, interactive online experiences, including peer interactivity and community building. With the Web Experience Management solution, you can take a holistic view of web publishing that integrates marketing and IT. Execute on your corporate web vision by empowering those intimate with business objectives. Provide easy-to-use tools for business users, while allowing IT to streamline the web management of multi-lingual sites with dynamic and highly personalized content.

Key Benefits

Intuitive authoring interfaces — Enable non-technical users to create compelling web sites and content using a variety of authoring options.

Dynamic and personalized content — Deliver focused and tailored information that caters to your consumers’ unique needs.

Multi-channel interactivity — Rapidly publish new content and site updates, and engage consumers by eliciting feedback.

Corporate web compliance — Adhere to corporate web standards by ensuring that you meet and report on site retention rules.

Analytics and reporting — Determine the effectiveness of web pages by collecting data on site activities to impact future site iterations.