LogiFusion’s Storage Consolidation planning brings you industry-leading technologies and expert services to optimize your data center, maximize storage assets, improve efficiencies, and increase service levels—even as you reduce overall costs. LogiFusion’s Storage consolidation planning provides you advanced capabilities, including server and storage virtualization and tiered storage, to address your organization’s consolidation challenges.

Key Benefits

Infrastructure consolidation — Optimize your computing assets, including data centers, applications, databases, servers, and storage, with a simple, cost-effective, flexible tiered architecture.

Server consolidation — Benefit from virtualization with comprehensive Server Consolidation and Virtualization Services that leverage powerful software.

Data center consolidation — Identify risks and provide solutions that deliver significant operational improvements while minimizing business impact.

IP storage consolidation — Eliminate bottlenecks, optimize file server utilization, and boost performance while simplifying migrations and IP storage management.

Mid-range tiered consolidation — Get efficient tiered storage with networked storage, which is easy to install, manage, and scale, and provides unmatched reliability.

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High-end tiered consolidation — Meet a wide range of service level requirements with tiered storage options.