LogiFusion’s innovative approach to business process management helps you improve agility using a service-oriented architecture. Our approach helps you achieve long-term value from your investment by implementing processes as collections of services that can be reused in different scenarios as your business changes.


Business processes are in the critical path of progressive business change. Often driven by compliance laws and quality initiatives, they are coming under intense scrutiny. The speed at which you can combine your capabilities into new business processes defines your ability to succeed.

Our Approach

LogiFusion’s innovative, holistic approach to business process management (BPM) helps you improve agility and interoperability through an SOA. We compartmentalize business processes into a separate layer so that end users can create models of business processes in analysis tools and implement them using commercial BPM software. You can configure, track, and analyze processes, and gain immediate, actionable business insight. Our approach enables you to achieve a competitive edge without undertaking complex IT development projects.

Measurable Outcomes

Upon project completion, you will be able to:

•Coordinate interactions across systems, people, and trading partners.

•Configure, track, and analyze processes

•Gain immediate, actionable business insight.