Consulting Services Overview

The mission of LogiFusion is to enable ventures by equipping entrepreneurs with services and tools to establish, manage, and enhance their business software. LogiFusion is a Business Service Provider, we develop and integrate business processes, utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies for reliable end-to-end management of business services on any device. 

Our applications will enable your company to get products to market quicker by assembling applications from existing components and services rather than building them from scratch. Maintenance costs will decrease since we can handle these applications on your behalf. We can help you recognize reduced operational costs by deploying your web-based services and tools using consistent technology and framework. 

Furthermore, we can help you take advantage of the existing tools you may have to integrate them into your new business framework. All of our applications will give you new ways to collaborate with your partners and manage your business. As a service provider, LogiFusion is committed to ongoing design and testing to benefit all client organizations.

Changes to client modules are made on a proactive basis, and are implemented in a way that will not affect existing clients, yet offer new functionality when new business modules are added or updated via the unified XPLORION™ Foundation. 

We uphold the highest quality standard and implement the core attributes of reliability, availability, scalability, performance, and security. We know your business must meet these requirements to gain credibility and generate more business.

 The XPLORION™ Foundation is our launch pad for helping new mobile, desktop, or web solutions get started. It provides a comprehensive core, a system for business process management, and a web of professional relationships, all of which culminate to yield a strategy designed to enable companies to fulfill their dreams. 


Contact us today and we will build a custom application that suits your business needs.

Business Process Consulting

Our Business Consulting Services helps organizations leverage LogiFusion’s outsourced services and offshore development center to improve their competitiveness, boost productivity, and increase revenue and operating margins. 

We offer Business Consulting Services for ISVs in the areas of market research, product/application design, and development and help them launch their products into the market. We help them manage their product development roadmap including optimal utilization of resources like time, development resources, and budgets. 

We work with Enterprises to offer them Business Consulting Services to improve their efficiency, and productivity and get more from their IT budgets. Specific areas include technology roadmaps, application portfolio optimization, employee and partner collaboration, reporting, and cost control.

Product Development

Since 2003, LogiFusion has developed 100+ software products for Independent Software Vendors. ISVs come to LogiFusion to improve time to market, leverage best practices and technology, obtain excellent quality, and realize the great value and cost advantage that other unfocused outsourcing companies cannot provide.

Services cover product design, architecture, development, testing, release management, maintenance, and tech support/helpdesk services.

Legacy Migration

LogiFusion uses a holistic approach to modernizing legacy applications that address not only technology re-platforming but also data migration, process redefinition, and EAI issues as well as staff training and participation needs.

Web Applications Development

At LogiFusion, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. LogiFusion uses Microsoft development technologies, Open Source technologies, and XPLORION™ to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

QA and Testing

LogiFusion provides QA and Testing Services for a variety of software products, web applications, enterprise applications, and electronic devices. Services span Business Domain, Technology, and Operational efficiency-centric testing. Our services are designed to reduce our client’s long-term maintenance efforts and costs, shorten development cycle time, speed up product releases, and automate testing.

Application / Product Maintenance Services

LogiFusion helps enterprises and ISVs meet the challenge of ongoing offshore software maintenance and support with a range of services designed to substantially lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels.

Systems Integration

LogiFusion creates and implements custom System Integration Solutions to streamline and automate data flow for business processes, improve performance, and access real-time data. These solutions enable multiple disparate systems to deliver a higher over-arching functionality and reduce operational costs.

Technical Support / Helpdesk Services

LogiFusion offers turnkey 24×7 technical support outsourcing services, or supplements a client’s internal support staff, acting as an extension of the support team to provide after-hours support or select-hours support We support clients through dedicated teams in our U.S. or offshore software development centers, and can also provide client site-based services as required Contact us.