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Mobile apps aren’t easy to create. They can be expensive and difficult to make; the simplest SMB apps can cost a minimum of $ 3,000 – $ 5,000 to build and often take a months. Costs can reach $ 10,000 – $ 50,000 (or higher) for more sophisticated “back-end integration” (hooking into company computer systems).

Businesses have two choices: Do it Yourself (DIY) or Do It for Me (DIFM). Most SMBs (and many big outfits) lack the technology, skills, staff and time to develop mobile websites and apps. In both cases, developers don’t come cheap. Freelance developers charge $ 75 – $ 150 an hour depending on the market. And building is only about a third of an app’s cost, according to Forrester Research.

“Most SMBs can’t implement these things themselves, but there are third party directories and marketplaces that do.” – Greg Sterling, VP Strategy & Insights, Local Search Association

Solution? DIY

A third option has emerged as the top choice for many small businesses hoping to capitalize on the mobile revolution: working along side a mobile specific agency or app reseller.

Web agencies that provide mobile apps promise busy, cost-conscious SMBs a low price tag AND high-quality maintenance and service. An agency will work hand-in-hand with them to design, build, publish and promote a customized mobile app and website that works on iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 devices. The business doesn’t have to do anything but describe what they want, then write a very reasonable check for monthly service. Quick and easy.

 Think of the benefits!

  • Increased revenue by enabling customers to perform online research and buy/use online coupons
  • Greater loyalty through frequent-buyer programs and valuable trusted content
  • Stronger “webrooming” and “showrooming” for browsing buyers
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to better customer service
  • More visit frequency from friction-free bookings and reservations

No wonder mobile has become the most popular way for SMBs and customers to connect. What’s not to like?

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