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A Simple Sales Pitch Is Your Best Sales Pitch

“Be different.” “Be unique.” “Think outside the box.” Characteristics we tend to push on the youth and carry with us throughout our professional lives.

But maybe we shouldn’t be thinking outside of the box – rather we stick to what we’re good at and get even better. Below are three reasons why overthinking is detrimental to agencies’ productivity:

A longer, in-depth approach overlooks the simpler side of selling.

Extra details are not always as beneficial as one would hope, especially in sales productivity. Details can get lost in conversation, sometimes pushing a potential client away from what was initially a sure sale. For example, what’s the benefit of pushing a loyalty feature on a potential real estate client? “Buy nine houses and the tenth is free!” would be a tough sell for even the best agencies. With a simple method to sales, neither party wastes time on what becomes a lengthened sales cycle – and one that can ultimately stall altogether. Simple is fluid; it keeps all parties involved eager and moving forward.

The essentials can be ignored in favor of risk.

I speak with agencies everyday that don’t think outside the box and if there’s one thing that remains constant it’s that slow and steady can win the race and in sales, it often does. There’s no reason to waste time and effort overcomplicating a product that’s already complex. As mentioned earlier, don’t sell yourself out of the product – stick to what you know and stick to what the product offers. Speak on what you know and how you know it, and the rest will work out.

There is no sense of direction.

Sales managers often make the fatal mistake of giving employees too many roads and no map. When this happens, agencies tend to over think and react accordingly. This is when things quickly become over-complicated, ultimately resulting in under-performance from reps as they grasp for something to hold onto. Be confident in what you know and stop. Stop selling, stop talking, just stop and see what happens.

Sales is a profession and process that is already complicated, there’s no need for agencies to make it any more difficult than it really is. Even the best salesmen and saleswomen have their bad days, but the beauty of sales is that you’ll get another go at it – and chances are it will come quickly, so be ready.

If you find yourself overreaching, searching for that creative flair or wow factor to add to your pitch, then by all means good luck. That’s not to say it won’t work, because in all honesty, a lot of times it does. Keep in mind that sometimes, just sometimes, simplicity is the key to success.

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