LogiFusion’s Data Center Consolidation and server management helps you align your data center infrastructure to support business requirements. With data center consolidation technologies and services you’ll be able to minimize risk and control the costs of your data center operations and facilities moves.

Key Benefits

Non-disruptive data center migration — Consolidate and relocate data centers more quickly, more cost-effectively, and with less risk.

Data center footprint reduction — Ensure more efficient use of data center floor space with server and storage consolidation, tiered network storage, and best practices.

Simplified management — Gain management efficiencies and cost savings through asset consolidation.

Increased asset utilization — Consolidate applications, servers, and storage to increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Lower total cost of ownership — Reduce capital and operational costs through asset consolidation, floor space reduction, and lower energy consumption.

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Energy efficiency — Optimize energy consumption throughout your infrastructure and achieve green IT data center goals.