Lose A Small Business Sale

You’re doing well, you’ve got a big client base and you’ve hit your goals. All of your clients are happy with your work and they continue to contact you for new campaigns. But the goal here is not just to get clients to come back. If you create great content and hit deadlines, they will. Add in some great customer service and maybe they’ll even send along some referrals.

The problem is, they could find something new at any time and it wouldn’t be your fault. It’s the nature of the business (and most industries). That’s why your favorite pizza place has a rewards program, the local grocery store has coupons and nearly every website you frequent asks you to sign up for their newsletter. They need to stay top of mind because they hope you come back. I couldn’t imagine having to hope for my business. That’s why you need recurring revenue.

Big campaigns are great; they put money in your pocket. But how much better would it be to have monthly recurring revenue (MRR)? Granted, it usually comes at a lower price point but it’s guaranteed in your pocket month to month. Forecasting becomes easier and is no longer based on hope. Goals are easier to set and build off of when you have something to go on consistently. The best part is it ensures that your customers keep you top of mind for other products or services. They’re already paying you, so they’ll contact you first for additional work. What you provide is value added and you can bundle everything together.

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