LogiFusion Team


LogiFusion Consulting Quality Management services provide business and technology risk management strategies. Our consultants leverage an integrated framework of strategies, techniques, and tools to help you achieve specific IT outcomes.


IT organizations are feeling pressure in three key areas:

•Business sponsors require increasingly powerful, highly-integrated, real-time information systems

•Shareholders and executive managers demand that IT not only embrace outsourcing but immediately realize the cost savings that offshore services promise.

•Increasing regulatory requirements carry substantial, highly-visible penalties for non-compliance.

•When organizations are strained to perform, they are often unable to meet expectations. Schedule slips, canceled projects, cost overruns, and projects that fail to deliver all the required functionality are common.

Our Approach

LogiFusion Consulting Quality Management services support teams managing complex, large-scale initiatives that require greater control, visibility, validation, and program management. We employ risk management strategies and tools that have been proven successful across a number of business areas.

Measurable Outcomes

LogiFusion Consulting takes a holistic approach to large IT initiatives. Critical success factors may include:

•Risk mitigation across project disciplines

•Predictable schedules and costs

•Functionality delivered

•Visibility into actual status and risk levels

•Early discovery of defects, delay factors, and gating project issues

•Business efficacy assurance

•Validation of operational viability