Mobile Food Ordering

Allow customers to order food on the go

– More orders

– More money spent per order

– More repeat customers

– Increase restaurant bottom line

– Direct return on investment

Robust mobile food ordering system

– Allow customers to order from any smartphone

– Receipt printer integration available

– Online food ordering widget included

– Customize every aspect of the food order

– Options for food delivery, take out, or dining in

– Manage and receive orders online

– And much more…

Secure Hosting

Scalable and reliable app hosting

Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest in data hosting technology. Using XPLORION you can expect 99.9% uptime for your apps.

Secure data storage and backups

Our data centers use the latest in data encryption technology and data backups are performed daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your data is never lost while using XPLORION Apps.

Mobile apps  designed for small businesses

XPLORION Apps was built from the ground up with small businesses security in mind – we are specifically designed for small businesses.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Sell products inside your app

– Payment integration with PayPal and Google Checkout

– Allow customers to search, view, and purchase items

– Adjust tax rates and payment currency for your items

– No additional fees

3rd Party Integrations

– Sync your online shopping cart with ease

– Integrated with the popular e-commerce solutions

– Easily import all of your items

– Allow customers to make purchase on the go

Dynamic Content

Instantly update your app online

– Update your app online

– One touch dialing

– Turn by turn GPS directions

– Include pertinent business information

– Display event times and locations

Easily integrate social media

– Integrate any Facebook page

– Integrate any Twitter page

– Integrate any LinkedIn page

– Integrate any social media

– And much more…

Mobile Devices

Available On iPhone

  • Create a native iPhone application in a matter of minutes using XPLORION Apps.

Available On iPad

  • Create a native iPad application in a matter of minutes using XPLORION Apps.

Available On Android

  • Create a native Android application in a matter of minutes using XPLORION Apps.


Unlimited Push Notes

Send messages directly to customers

– Send messages right to customers phones

– Inform customers on business events and specials

– Update customers on new app content

– Unlimited push notifications included free

– Send geo-location enabled messages

Encourage customer visits with offers

– Send special offers to customers

– Send coupons during slow business  times

– Send actionable messages to customers

– Encourage customer visits with redeemable offers

Engaging Multimedia

Sell music through iTunes

– Integrate songs available on iTunes

– Sell songs to fans or customers

– Allow users to share & comment

– Perfect for bands, DJs, and businesses

Integrate unlimited multimedia

– Integrate YouTube channel feeds

– Integrate recorded podcasts

– Integrate Flickr & Picasa galleries

– Upload unlimited photos

– And much more…

Managed Account

We monitor your apps so you can relax

– 24×7 Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting.

– XPLORION handles your IT.

– We keep your systems in top condition.

– Our service plans maintenance, support.

We manage your account

– Logifusion staff is disciplined in a variety of security services.

– We offer XPLORION™ Pro security audits, Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning and much, much more.

Robust Analytics

Actionable app insights

– Understand how many users download your app

– Understand the times when people use your app

– Understand which platform is most popular

– Actionable insights into your  app’s activity

Keep track of purchases

– Track dollars spent on items

– Track dollars spent on food orders

– Track  appointments scheduled

– Track consultations scheduled

– Understand your app’s ROI

3rd Party Integrations

Powerful technology partners

– Officially partnered with MailChimp

– Officially partnered with WuFoo

– Automatically sync your shopping cart items

– Automatically sync your reservation system

– Automatically sync your mailing list contacts

Integrate content in seconds

– Automatically sync videos with YouTube

– Automatically sync music with iTunes

– Automatically sync images with Flickr

– Automatically sync ads with AdMob

– And much more…

Social Media

Instantly allow your customers to share

– By Connecting with Facebook

– By Connecting with Twitter

– By Connecting with Instagram

– By Connecting with Google+

– By Connecting with Pinterest

– By Connecting with Foursquare

A network built on authoritative data

Socializing your business and building a network on authoritative data is important for listings in multiple index’s such as google and others. A well built Mobile App and Website will improve your rankings.

Loyalty Programs

Reward customers for repeat visits

– Increase customer loyalty

– Encourage repeat visits or purchases

– Reward customers with coupons

– Direct return on investment

Robust loyalty programs

– GPS “check-in” coupon system available

– QR code coupon system available

– Mobile stamp card system available

– Customize the coupon for any business

– Reward your best customers