Offshoring Is Not The Bargain You Think - Logifusion is the Solution

Those Hidden Costs Add Up!

Almost every article you read about companies sending projects offshore hoping to save money, come back with higher costs than anticipated, missed milestones, and inadequate quality.

The reason: Hidden costs of offshore development including…

  • Can’t meet face-to-face with your developers
  • You spend more time explaining and managing the project
  • Poor quality of the software delivered
  • Large time zone differences slow down responsiveness
  • Language barrier
  • Lack of understanding of the American business culture
  • Lack of a software development process
  • No reuse of an existing enterprise-ready framework
  • Turnover of employees requires retraining
  • Lack of experience of the programmers
  • Not willing to speak up when things seem wrong
  • You need to employ a project manager and QA person locally
  • Your time-to-market is delayed by the above problems

Considering all of the above, do you really think you are saving time and money?

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