mobile apps

Now Is The Time To Create Mobile Apps. In spite of mobile Internet usage eclipsing desktop computing in recent years, B2B marketers have been skeptical of mobile technology’s potential for client/customer engagement. Many still lack a credible mobile content distribution strategy, which sounds like bad news, but really it leaves the field wide open for new and existing businesses to get a head start on enhanced engagement through mobile technology.

Mobile apps are quickly becoming the new web for an increasing amount of users, and they come with a number of unique features that evolve and adapt to users’ habits and preferences. Some of these features have so far stood the test of time and are becoming critical to any B2B mobile marketing strategy:

Push Notifications – Effective or Intrusive?

Push notifications remind customers and clients to take the next step in the sales cycle. Studies show that over half of mobile users allow push notifications over their smart devices, and many consider them to be a crucial feature in B2B engagement. Business owners are inherently busy people who may only seem receptive to your service early on, but the push notification retains the client relationship by reminding them of your product and how it benefits them.

Social Media Outreach – Streamlined Customer Engagement

Social media is fundamental to modern business strategy – period. And social sharing and outreach should be intuitive on all business-side apps. As mentioned above, business owners are busy. They need customer engagement solutions that are quick and painless. This means that sharing a deal or promotion should only require a single tap on an easy-to-find icon

Mobile Layout – Optimum Usability

Businesses have hesitated to market in the mobile space largely because of inferior layouts. Web marketing requires strict formatting that has generally been tailored to our desktop monitors over the years. But mobile display resolution is obviously much smaller than that of desktop workspace environments. These new dimensions confront marketers with new design restrictions that must be respected in order to truly engage the user.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones now make up the vast majority of mobile devices in use today. The potential of mobile apps to address any number of customer pain points is already apparent, but mobile marketing is still young and there is so much exciting new ground to cover in the years ahead, in terms of engaging customers and clients through mobile technology.


And in addition to these new opportunities for mobile engagement, there exist a number of options for mobile app creation, which allow businesses to connect with businesses in order to address customer needs and to evolve into the new age of mobile technology.