Black Friday may have come and gone but the holiday shopageddon is still upon us. Cyber Monday deals seem to last for a week or two and most of us will inevitably spend nearly our entire paychecks on gifts. Most of our collective purchases will be made online and leading the pack of online retailers is Amazon, pulling 20% of all holiday eCommerce.

Desktop eCommerce will continue to grow this year by 9% (per comScore, Inc. forecasts) but compared to last year’s growth, 9% isn’t great. What is impressive, however, is the growth of mobile commerce which is estimated to grow by 47%. 47%!!

Unprecedented growth and it makes perfect sense. We’re always on our phones anyway. And impulse buys are so much easier when we have everything we need in our pockets. This year’s holiday season will see over $ 70 billion spent via digital commerce and mobile makes up over $ 11 billion of the market. For as much as we’ve talked about the mobile boom it’s still incredible to see it continue to rise.

The mobile industry is here to stay, and if these rankings are any indication, mobile may become the preferred option for eCommerce very soon. Desktop growth is slowing, down 5% from last year. It’ll be interesting to see if it continues to fall next year, and what mobile’s impact will have on eCommerce throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.