Mobile Marketing Is The New Leader

Mobile marketing Is The New Leader Here Are Some Stats of one of the most explosive technology waves since the internet was invented and shows no signs of slowing down. Mobile-commerce sales are booming and are forecasted to reach $ 100 billion. Businesses across a wide range of industries are implementing mobile strategies to grow their companies. Are you planning to join the mobile marketing world and jump on the app trend? There has never been a better time.

Below are some statistics to help you better understand the importance of mobile marketing today!

  • Mobile is now the leader.

According to predictions by Google, mobile searches (at 85.9 billion) will soon surpass desktop searches (84 billion). Search ad spending grew, and desktop search ads only experienced small growth, supporting this prediction. It is predicted that there will be 2 billion smartphone users globally. As of right now, 57% of the United States owns a smartphone. These numbers all add up to show ups that mobile and mobile devices are here to stay.

  • Mobile is local.

Currently, 40% of mobile searches are local, and 77% of them take place while the user is at home or at work. Mobile-on-the-go is crucial to everyone, and users are utilizing mobile in local areas, for local businesses.

  • Mobile has fast conversions.

81% of conversions from mobile search happen within five hours of the search. Searches are important because they lead to other actions like calls, visits to a business, and ultimately. Sales. Conversion is dependent upon you, the business owner, which means that you need to be available via mobile to snag those customers, and provide them with accessibility and great customer service/products.

  • Mobile presents new opportunities to connect.

What are the top five tasks that users need their smartphone for? Making phone calls at 83%, checking email at 74%, searches at 67%, taking pictures at 62%, and accessing social media at 57%. You can use each one of these tasks to help your marketing strategy. Tasks like email, social media, pictures of your products and services, and more, will all help you further your business.

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Knowing when users are active is really smart. Most mobile searches take place during the time frame of 8 pm to midnight, and mobile searches double during the holidays. Little facts like these can really help you base your advertising and marketing strategies around user habits, to make the most of your advertising dollars.

  • Mobile usage growth applies to everyone.

Mobile isn’t just for kids and teenagers anymore. As of right now, the 55-64 age group is the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter, and for Facebook and Google+, the fastest-growing demographic is 45-54. So what does that mean? You should find a way to tie your marketing strategy to those demographics and adjust your social media and email presence to those groups.

85% of Mobile users are more comfortable with apps than mobile websites. iOS apps currently generate four times the revenue than Android apps do. When it comes to social media, Facebook is downloaded the most, followed by Google, and Google Search. Using these statistics to help design your mobile strategy is really smart. When used in conjunction with demographic information, you can customize your advertising and other strategies to bring in the most business.

These are just a few helpful mobile strategies and stats to help you along. Mobile marketing is here to stay and with these powerful stats, we encourage every small business to get on board as soon as possible.