Mobile technology is taking over. And while there are some benefits to hiring professional mobile app developers to build your app, or even venturing to learn mobile software development on your own; the key to successful mobile business strategy in 2016 lies in WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) app-building environments.

Mobilizing Business

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Mobile technology thrives on meeting people’s needs in new ways. Many people mistake the art of software development to be strictly math-based, but philosophy plays a key role in it as well. Software innovation is about addressing problems with technology.

While new ideas are important in mobile app building, business apps often share a lot of fundamental qualities in common. For instance: business apps tend to feature menus, commerce, and social media outreach across many different industries and in many different contexts.

Because of this, mobile app development platforms are going the WYSIWYG route by consolidating all of those common functions into preset libraries and templates. Through WYSIWYG environments, programmers and hobbyists of any skill level can bring an app through all stages of production, and into distribution and marketing.

Weighing Your Options

Before you decide which avenue to take in mobilizing your business, you must assess all of your options. Here are some of your best choices for getting your app up on its feet:

Option 1 – Hire a Developer

This is likely the most expensive option, but in general, you get what your pay for. Developers have a breadth of skills (from coding to project management) that are highly specialized and can persevere under pressure. Good developers don’t work cheaply, but a return on your investment is likely if you match the right developer with the right project.

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Option 2 – Learn to Develop

If you can’t afford to completely outsource this task, perhaps taking the time to learn it on your own is more suited to you. Developers often work with teams; so basic leadership skills are advantageous, if not required. There are plenty of resources for learning to code around the Internet, but these take time if done properly.

Option 3 – Build Your App Right Now

Opting for the WYSIWYG style of mobile app production will save you time and money. Build, design, review, and publish your app using a single mobile app building solution that boasts over half a million apps published and a 98% approval rating.


There are a number of ways to create a mobile app, but a limited amount of them are cost and time efficient. Demand for mobile technology is omnipresent, and supply can now be streamlined thanks to turnkey solutions that guide users of varying experience levels—from novice to expert—through engaging and intuitive mobile app creation.