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LogiFusion’s XPLORION helps drive energy effiency

Electric utilities and Businesses are increasingly orienting their business models around a future based on the promise of the Smart Grid and related business applications. With LogiFusion’s XPLORION technologies we help enable PeakEffiency.com, we recognize this isn’t just about technology, smart meters or demand reduction. It’s about the big picture of improved energy delivery, intelligent consumption and reduced environmental impact for our customers clients. PeakEffiency.com is the only company that offers a complete spectrum of efficient and low cost solutions and services for the collection, monitoring, diagnosis, and operational intelligence delivery for the small to medium size business owner. 

They are able to provide a comprehensive portfolio to their customers by focusing on the immediate needs of a largely ignored market segment. We have helped them in bringing to market secure, reliable solutions that evolve over time, are highly scalable and are compliant with industry standards. LogiFusion is proud to be a part helping the Smart Grid become a reality.