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LogiFusion Solutions, a leading provider in IT service and infrastructure services, is excited to announce the launch of their new website at www.logifusion.com

LogiFusion Launches their new website to improve communication with customers and other site visitors, clearly convey LogiFusion’s mission and set a strong foundation for growth with our flagship product XPLORION. The new site has an updated look and will provide our visitors with updated information about our services as well as a closer look at our Team and support.  It also offers a more interactive web experience featuring videos, up-to-date news and further integrate our social networking sites.

“How a company projects itself to potential customers has always been important. In today’s environment the primary way that is accomplished is through the company’s website coupled with other social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.,” Larry, LogiFusion’s CEO, commented. “The new website presents LogiFusion’s portfolio of services in a clear, concise manner with a more energized feel about it and aligns with the culture we are building.”



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