Logifusion Software, Inc is a boutique systems integrator specializing in architecting and implementing systems for commercial and government clients. Logifusion consultants each have more than 20 years of experience developing enterprise systems and have deep experience in several industries, including banking, telecommunications, finance, ISVs, and manufacturing. We provide the key senior resources to lead and build a development team.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on, able to mentor junior resources, and ready to provide a solution from conceptualization to final delivery. We are not a body shop; we are a high-end consultancy that spans from architecture to coding. Because of our experience, we often engage customers on fixed-priced or fixed-deliverable contracts, but also engage in traditional time-and-materials and training contracts.

There are many consultancy organizations that offer senior-level IT consultants. When considering senior IT consultants, you want to get deeper than “buzz-word compliant” and more effective than a recommendation that is based on “analyzing 20 books and whitepapers”.

Sure, Logifusion consultants are well-read and involved in the industry through speaking and writing. But, that is an outlet for our experience, not the limit of our experience. Logifusion is different than most of these organizations due to our focus on maintaining hands-on development skills and leading development teams.

Our programming and project-delivery experiences maintain sharp and current skills that span technology, patterns and practices, agile methods, advanced testing methods with virtualization, and enterprise architecture. We can connect the operational and enterprise architecture to the systems development efforts, allowing each to benefit from one another.

Sure, we can (and do) offer advice, recommendations, and design plans; but we can (and do) offer more, putting those proposals into action to build the systems our clients need.

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Logifusion provides a number of expert consultancy services for development teams and architecture organizations. Logifusion is decidedly not a body shop; we are not trying to staff your entire team nor provide you the commodity developer.

Rather, Logifusion specializes in providing those key people that a team (whether internal or external) can be built around – technical leads; architects; senior developers; project managers.

One of the most delivered services is our Architecture Strategies.