Large Scale Energy

Logifusion helps implement Large Scale Energy Storage

Large Scale Energy Storage
ICE Energy

As the leading provider of energy storage solutions to the utility industry, ICE Energy focuses on developing cost-effective, mobile, utility-scale energy storage solutions in an effort to revolutionize the way energy is consumed. Since its 2003 founding, ICE Energy has also focused on eliminating energy waste by offering utility services such as cleaner, more sustainable power grids and improved energy system efficiency. It collaborates in the industry with companies such as Carrier, Data Air, and LogiFusion in an effort to achieve the widespread adoption of energy storage and cleaner, smarter power grids.

An entrepreneur at heart, Frank Ramirez founded two companies before becoming the co-founder and director of Ice Energy. Ramirez graduated from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law and Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and serves as a member of the board for Stanford University Associates, the National Executive Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and as president of the Longs Peak Council.

Ramirez’s Power Plays
– Earned both a law degree and an MBA from elite schools, giving him powerful credentials in both the legal field and business.
– Focused on large-scale energy storage which is a critical hole in the energy system that has been referred to as the holy grail of making renewable energy commercially viable.
– Raised $100 million, developed large-scale energy storage, and won 17 patents on energy storage technology.

Ramirez’s Perspective
“We have endeavored for the last eight years to integrate large-scale distributed energy storage onto the nation’s electrical grid. We believe that the missing leg of the horse in the nation’s energy policy is storage and we have spent nearly $100 million dollars in pursuit of that vision.

The market chooses the lesser of two evils, preferring inefficiency and higher cost to the draconian alternative of system collapse and blackout. The growth in peak demand puts this inefficiency in its worst light. This explains why the holy grail for the energy market is a distributed, efficient, and dispatchable storage resource that addresses peak demand. Serving the growing demand for peak energy is one of the largest challenges in the electric power industry.

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As the result of our efforts, the Ice Bear Distributed Energy Storage Resource solves this conundrum with a proven technology that efficiently stores energy during off-peak periods and powerfully dampens the volatility of heat-driven demand, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle to store off-peak or intermittently generated electricity.