An enterprise IT assessments documents the current state of your IT architecture. It provides fact-based insight that allows you to understand how well it aligns with your needs and goals.


Success can be impeded when IT systems are not aligned with corporate goals. Mergers, acquisitions, and rapid growth frequently result in business units supporting duplicative, incompatible systems that are unnecessarily costly to maintain.

Our Approach

An enterprise IT assessment establishes where your organization is today, confirms business objectives and drivers, and delivers a roadmap for achieving the desired end state.

An enterprise assessment document:

•IT systems architecture (current state).

•High-level business process inventory (current state).


•Relationships between processes and systems.

•Concerns and limitations that threaten your stated goals.

•Conceptual architecture supporting the business processes.

Measurable Outcomes

The output of the assessment produces a roadmap outlining initiatives that will align the IT environment with your stated goals. Executing the steps on the roadmap can:

•Improve responsiveness to changing market conditions.

•Improve customer intimacy, satisfaction, and loyalty.

•Enhance information accuracy.

•Reduce risks.

•Allow business cases for projects to be developed more easily.