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📝 Free Guest Posting: We believe in the power of sharing knowledge. If you’re looking to contribute without a fee, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Articles exceeding 3,000 words, with a preference for listicles (like “Top 10 Tips” or “Best 15 Sites”).
  • Unique content in English, covering AI, Marketing, Technology, WordPress, development, software, reviews, and more.
  • Up to one do-follow link, ensuring content is fresh and not repetitive.

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Ready to make an impact? Contact us directly through our “Contact Us” page for all submissions and inquiries. Whether it’s for guest posting, link insertion, or if you’re curious about paid opportunities, we’re here to facilitate your creative expression.

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At, we’re more than just a platform; we’re a community of curious minds and bold voices. Your stories and expertise have the power to inspire, educate, and transform. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out, contribute, and let’s make the digital world a richer place together.

Guest Posting
Guest Posting

Who You Are and What We’re Looking For

We are looking for passionate bloggers to write informative blog articles about AI technology, Tech Life, Digital Marketing, and sustainable technology.

If your business is targeting technology-minded people, and you can create high-quality content, you have come to the right place.

Guest Post Topics You Can Write About

  • Have a new Tag that you have in mind, just reach out.


Advertising Affiliate Marketing AI Automation AI Investing Tools AI Strategies Artificial Intelligence Blogging Content Marketing Digital Marketing Email Marketing Influencer Marketing Insights Investing Mobile Marketing Security SEO Strategies SERVICES Skills Social Media Marketing Software Web Hosting WordPress


Affiliates AI AI Tools Approach Apps Automation Best Blogging Business Business AI ChatGPT CONSULTING Content Content Writer Copywriting CRM CryptoCurrency Customer Data eMail Finance Generative AI Growth Guides Hosting Images Income Learn MANAGED Marketing Medical Mobile Optimization AI Plugin Reviews Security SEO Social Strategy Technology Toolkit AI Video Web Apps Website WordPress

You are welcome to submit your guest post for any of the above-mentioned topics. Please read the guidelines below before you submit your topics to us.

Content quality

The content must be high-quality and informative, with a focus on providing value to our readers rather than promoting a product or service.

Evergreen articles with real-life examples, charts, and case studies will be favored. All articles must be relevant to our core topics and areas of interest.

Do your research and read through our current blog posts to make sure the topics you suggest have not already been covered.

Make sure that you can produce content of similar or even higher quality than the other content we have. Make sure you send us the main keyword for SEO purposes.

Originality and Ownership

Your guest blog post should be authentic and unique. No part of it should be found anywhere on search engine result pages.

Once your post is approved, you grant us copyright over the content and we automatically become its sole owner. You are then not allowed to use this content anywhere else on the web.

Article Removal Requests

If your article is published on our website, it becomes the sole property of our website, therefore no removal requests will be approved.


Guest posts cannot be shorter than 1350 words and should cover as many angles of your topic as possible, with the focus on satisfying the searcher’s intent (i.e., providing them with useful information that answers their question about your topic).

Content Format

All submissions should be written in clear, standard American or British English:

  • The introduction should follow one of the techniques mentioned here: How to Write an Intro for Your Blog
  • Use short sentences (average of 12 words).
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists where possible.
  • Avoid large blocks of text – fewer than 300 words under each heading and subheading is ideal.
  • Specify your main keyword and let us know what it is for SEO purposes.
  • Include the LSI keywords for the main keyword in your text.
  • Make sure your piece has been thoroughly proofread and edited before submission.
  • The length of your piece must be 1350 words or more
  • Provide 3 to 4 links to authoritative websites and sources for the information you have used. 
  • Include 3 to 4 ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and short answers (less than 50 word answers). 
  • Supply the URL for one video to include in your article – it can be your own or from YouTube. 
  • Supply an optional Author Bio of up to 50 words. This can include a link and an image of the author. 


We do not require you to submit any images – we will typically source and add images to your article for you. If you have a strong desire or need to submit, that is not an issue. Just let us know.


All our blog posts include at least one video, so if you have a relevant video, please include the URL for it. You can also find a relevant video on YouTube and include the URL.

Videos should be relevant to the topic and demonstrate something useful for the reader. 

Please keep in mind that we may add, remove, or change the videos at our discretion.


The body of your article may include up to two links to authoritative websites; your site can be included.

Insert a minimum of three links to authoritative websites at the end of your article, under the heading ‘References and Useful Resources’. These should be for the websites you used in your research. 

Author Bio

Authors may provide an optional short bio of up to 50 words and their main email address (which will not be published). To avoid ownership ambiguity, we will not attribute your post to a company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every article has a FAQ section at the bottom – please supply us with 3-4 frequently asked questions and answers about your topic. Each answer should be around 50-words long and refer the reader back to the main article for more info.

How to Submit A Guest Post

In order to submit a guest post request please send us an email to Contact with the following information:

  • An intro about yourself and the company you represent
  • 3+ title suggestions
  • Add Your Name and ‘Guest Post’ to the subject line, so we know you read our guidelines

If you follow our guidelines, we will get back to you within three business days.

We are stoked to receive your quality content and promote it on our website!