Growing Mobile App Retention

The mobile app industry has grown exponentially, and growing mobile app retention is key. The mentality is no longer “If I build an app people will download it.” Even if you have the coolest, most unique app in the universe, there is a chance it won’t get downloaded unless you utilize the important tips and tricks app developers are using to retain users. You have to create repeat downloads and loyal users that will pass on your app to others.

You need to keep downloaders inspired and growing mobile app retention by offering them a one-of-a-kind app that provides them with services or benefits they can’t find elsewhere – an app that’s functional, fun, and rewarding. You have to maximize your retention rate and convert one-time users into repeat users.

Growing Mobile App Retention – How?

Using a mobile app retention tool is a great way to start. Most app developers agree that this is the best way to gauge how often your app is used, how valuable it is to users and more. You can track who has downloaded your app, how often they are using it, and more. You’ll be able to see what features they like and use, and what they don’t, adjusting your app accordingly.

Something called Cohort Analysis, which is available in many analytics tools including iTunes, is a way to see and analyze the frequency in which users return to your app over a certain amount of time. It measures retention and gives you a percentage of which users return. This is a great thing to use and we’d highly recommend it.

Other than just tracking data and analytics, you need to take a hands-on approach to bringing users into the fray. Draw them in. Engaging with your customers is super important. You have to find a great way to engage them with your product or services and provide them with something fresh and interesting.

Hook Them In

Most smart app developers know to “hook” the users with some awesome graphic or information, before asking them to download or sign up. By the time they get to that point, they won’t be able to resist.

Be minimal, though. Don’t overload your users with tons of information that isn’t relevant or only clogs up the app. Give them only what they need, and none of the excess.

Trim the Fat

 An overwhelmed or bored user is not a repeat user. Keep refining, all the time. Track data, pay attention to what your users are doing, and adjust accordingly. It’s an ongoing process; never let your app stagnate. Refine it and change it as customer demands change. Always keep the user engaged and interested by changing things up and keeping them fresh and useful. This will help you increase your LTV, or Lifetime Value, which is the measure of a value over time. If you want to have a long LTV, you have to keep moving and changing with your users.

Some great ideas for keeping users engaged and interested are things like in-app coupons, loyalty rewards and programs, memberships, points programs, exclusive discounts or freebies, and more. Users love to feel like they’re getting exclusive offers or deals.

When you use a combination of these various analytics and practices, you’ll see that app retention is soaring for your business. Good luck!

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