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Gotta Have Apps for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a busy breed. When they’re not buzzing over their next big idea, they’re often just fumbling to get endless day-to-day tasks done before the clock runs out.

In comes the app to make life easier. These smart options cut down on precious time, making your day a bit simpler. Buzz on!

 EchoSign — Cut down on paperwork headaches with this Adobe app (available on iOS and Android) that makes signing & storing e-documents simple. You can get in-person signatures from customers to close sales swiftly, forward docs along for additional signatures, and work offline when you’re on the go.

 Speed Test & WiFi Finder — Locate & get directions to free hotspots across the world when you need to plug in. This must-have tool is great when you’re traveling or just need to duck into the nearest net-friendly spot between meetings.

 Skitch — Words failing you? Sometimes it’s better to draw it out. This awesome app (available for Mac, iOS, and Android) allows you to edit and mark up photos & PDFs with text, arrows, tags, and more. (Bonus: You can link up your Evernote account for improved integration.)

 MobileDay — Dialing into meetings just became a lot less stressful. This simple app (available for iOS and Android) makes it happen with one click—no need to scramble for an access code while you’re prepping your pitch.

 FedEx Office — Broken printers are day-ruiners. Avoid them altogether with FedEx’s handy app (available on iOS and Android) that lets you place print orders from your phone for pick-up or delivery(!), plus integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Pocket — Find a good read but you’re on the run or in the zone? Put it in Pocket, a bookmarking app that lets you save articles & pages for offline viewing when you have more time to peruse. You can install the browser extension for easy pocketing, and launch the app on iOS or Android.

And of course, the best option of all… a mobile app for your own business! Get in touch with us today. We can make that happen.

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