Google’s newest announcement about algorithms has everyone talking. Website indexing is set to change yet another time. The change is apparently going to be beneficial to users and businesses that are ready for mobile close-ups. The new Google algorithm will make it even more important for companies to have “mobile friendliness.” Google is also offering a specialized tool to help companies determine how and when to find a mobile-friendly web design agency.

If you’re worried about the way your site performs on mobile, there are a few options to consider:

– Wait

Many businesses will most likely wait and see what happens with the new tweaks before acting. It’s a risk, though, considering that 2/3 of adults in the world own a smart phone, and the time to make your company mobile-friendly is long past due.

– Revamp your website

You could start over and revamp, ensuring that your mobile runs efficiently on smart phones, tablets and any other new technology that will come out in the next few years.

– Create A Mobile Alternative

Consider an app, or mobile website built by a web agency or marketing firm. Most platforms are capable of building great native apps or mobile sites that your users will love.

Most companies will be taking one of the second two options, simply because it makes sense. The world is trending toward mobile; don’t get left in the dark.

Bear in mind that with Google’s recent announcement, websites that respond to them will be rewarded with higher search results positioning and business-specific apps. So if you’re sitting on your haunches for a while, things might get a tad more competitive. Mobile web design is no longer something you can consider for the future, but something that you absolutely now if you wish to see your business succeed.

If your company is on a budget, you could be worried about building a mobile friendly site from the ground up. Actually, though, there are several design teams that can build you a fantastic, functional mobile-friendly site and/or app with mobile content, videos, headlines and so on, for an affordable price.

Smartphones change the way we think and do anything. Nearly everyone is tethered to a smart phone or tablet, and we use them for all sorts of every day functions. Businesses simply can’t go any longer without being mobile optimized. If you aren’t, you’ll be left behind. Google has only highlighted that fact.

Want to get started making your business mobile-friendly with a great app? Contact Bizness Apps today to get started.

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