Enagic K8 vs Life Ionizers MXL-15

In the world of alkaline water ionizers, Enagic K8 vs Life Ionizers MXL-15 the two brands have emerged as top contenders: Enagic’s Leveluk K8 and Life Ionizers’ MXL-15. Both offer state-of-the-art water filtration systems designed to provide you with clean, mineral-rich, antioxidant-packed drinking water.

But which one reigns supreme? In our unbiased comparison of these two high-end machines, we will delve into Enagic K8 vs Life Ionizers MXL-15 their features, pros and cons, customer reviews, and much more to help you make an informed decision on which is right for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine has a faster flow rate and wider pH range than Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer but comes at a higher price and with a shorter warranty.
  • Life Ionizers MXL-15 features more platinum-coated titanium plates, better technology, a longer warranty, and greater molecular hydrogen production for enhanced antioxidant potential than Enagic Leveluk K8.
  • Both machines offer unique benefits such as self-cleaning technology, FDA certification, etc. Customers should consider their specific needs, and budget constraints and read customer reviews before making an informed decision on which machine to buy.
  • In terms of overall value for money without compromising quality or performance, the Life Ionizers MXL-15 is the most affordable water ionizer in its class.

Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine

The Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine is a high-quality water ionizer that produces antioxidant-rich alkaline water with a pH range of 2.5 to 11 and an ORP value of between +1130mV to -800mV.

Features & Description (Enagic Leveluk K8)

The Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine offers an impressive range of features and capabilities to provide users with top-quality alkaline water. Some of the standout aspects of this innovative machine include:

  1. Manufactured in Japan by Enagic, a company that has been producing high-quality water filtration systems since 1974.
  2. Boasts eight platinum-coated titanium plates for efficient electrolysis and ionization processes, ensuring optimal pH levels and ORP values.
  3. Offers a pH range of 2.5 – 11.5, giving users the ability to create various types of water for different purposes.
  4. Achieves a maximum negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value of – 800 mV, providing powerful antioxidant potential in the filtered water.
  5. Features a countertop design that is easy to install and user-friendly, making it suitable for any kitchen space.
  6. Comes with a 3-year warranty that ensures peace of mind about the long-term performance and durability of the product.
  7. Certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, the FDA, and KFDA, proving its compliance with strict quality standards and safety regulations.
  8. Employs self-cleaning technology to ensure low maintenance requirements and consistent filtration efficiency over time.

These features make the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine an attractive option for buyers seeking a reliable system capable of delivering high-quality alkaline water effortlessly and efficiently on demand at home or in office environments.

Pros & Cons (Enagic Leveluk K8)

Enagic Leveluk K8 is a premium alkaline water ionizer with various advantages and some disadvantages. Here, we present a comprehensive list of both pros and cons to give you a better understanding of the product.


High-quality manufacturing in Japan ensures durability and reliability.Smaller pH range compared to Life Ionizers MXL-15.
Faster flow rate for quick water dispensing.Higher price tag compared to the Life Ionizers MXL-15 model.
Countertop design makes it easy to install and use.Available only in a countertop version, which might not be suitable for all kitchen setups.
The countertop design makes it easy to install and use.Shorter 3-year warranty compared to Life Ionizers MXL-15’s lifetime warranty.
Enagic claims no other water ionizer on the market can compare to their products.

Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer

The Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer is one of the best machines in its class, offering a wider pH range and larger negative ORP compared to its competitors.

Features & Description (Life Ionizers MXL-15)

Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer is a premium water filtration system designed to provide high-quality ionized alkaline water. This flagship model boasts an array of impressive features that make it an ideal choice for buyers seeking a top-of-the-line water ionizer. Key features and description of the Life Ionizers MXL-15 include:

  1. Manufactured in South Korea and Japan, ensuring advanced technology and excellent build quality.
  2. A wide pH range of 1.7 – 12.2, provides a versatile selection for various needs.
  3. Maximum negative ORP value of – 1005 mV, offering exceptional antioxidant potential.
  4. Equipped with 15 platinum-coated titanium plates for effective ionization and durability.
  5. Boosts molecular hydrogen in every glass of water, offering enhanced health benefits.
  6. Offers eight-level choices for customizable ionization settings to cater to individual preferences and requirements.
  7. The self-cleaning feature ensures optimal performance and longevity, minimizing maintenance efforts.
  8. Comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting the machine’s reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  9. FDA certificate, KFDA registration, Japanese Ministry of Health approval, ISO certification – ensuring product safety and quality.
  10. More affordable than its competitors like the Super501 while still providing highend features and superior performance.

Experience all these benefits firsthand by choosing the Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer for your home or office drinking water needs today!

Pros & Cons (Life Ionizers MXL-15)

Life Ionizers MXL-15, as the flagship model of the brand, offers several benefits and drawbacks that should be considered when making a purchasing decision. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of the MXL-15:

Wider pH range offering more versatile alkaline water options.Manufactured in South Korea and Japan, which may not be preferred by some buyers.
Higher negative ORP, making the water more antioxidant-rich.Slower flow rate compared.
More platinum-coated titanium plates for better ionization.Fewer office locations worldwide than Kangen Water Ionizers.
Medical-grade ionizers, ensuring high-quality components and performance.Not as established in the industry as Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionizers, which have been in business longer.
Lifetime warranty, providing long-term peace of mind.

With these pros and cons in mind, it is crucial for buyers to weigh the factors most important to them when deciding between the Life Ionizers MXL-15 and the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine.

Feature Comparison

We will compare the Enagic K8 vs Life Ionizers MXL-15  flow rate, under counter vs countertop options, and molecular hydrogen production of Enagic’s Leveluk K8 and Life Ionizers’ MXL-15 water ionizers.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is an essential factor to consider when choosing between the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine and the Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer.

The Enagic Leveluk K8 has a faster flow rate of 4 gallons per minute, making it ideal for larger families or those who consume water frequently. On the other hand, the Life Ionizers MXL-15 has a slower flow rate of 3 gallons per minute but offers better filtration due to its three-stage filtration process.

If you’re someone who needs large quantities of alkaline water quickly, then the Enagic Leveluk K8 may be more suited for your needs. However, if you prioritize clean and thoroughly filtered water over speed, then the Life Ionizers MXL-15’s superior filtration may be more suitable for your household.

Under Counter Vs Countertop

One major difference between the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine and the Life Ionizers MXL-15 is that the MXL-15 is available in both countertop and under-counter models, while the Leveluk K8 is countertop only.

This means that if you prefer a more discreet installation without taking up precious counter space, then the under-counter option may be preferable. The MXL-15 under-the-counter model also allows users to change settings right at the faucet, making it easier to adjust water settings on the go.

However, it’s worth noting that under-counter models are typically more expensive and require professional installation.

Molecular Hydrogen

Both the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine and Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer boast molecular hydrogen in every glass of water. Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, protect against oxidative stress, and even potentially improve athletic performance.

The MXL-15’s Hydrogen XL technology produces high levels of molecular hydrogen up to 3 times higher than other brands on the market. Additionally, Enagic’s Kangen line claims to produce “Kangen” water with superior antioxidant properties due to its unique proprietary electrolysis process.

Price Comparison

When it comes to investing in a high-quality water ionizer, price is often a determining factor for many buyers. In this section, we will compare the prices of the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine and Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer to help you make an informed decision.

Water IonizerPrice
Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine$4,980
Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer$3,497

As you can see, the Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer is less expensive than the Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine, making it a more budget-friendly option for those looking to invest in a top-of-the-line water ionizer.

Keep in mind, however, that both machines offer unique features and benefits, so it’s essential to consider all factors, such as performance, warranty, and customer feedback, before making your final decision.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Customers who have purchased alkaline water ionizers from both Enagic and Life Ionizers have left reviews and testimonials sharing their experiences. Many customers rave about the health benefits they’ve experienced since switching to alkaline ionized water, such as better digestion, increased energy levels, and improved skin appearance. 

On the other hand, some customers express frustration with Enagic’s high prices and pushy sales tactics.

For Life Ionizers MXL-15 model, many customers appreciate its sleek design and easy-to-use features. Customers also praise the company for offering a lifetime warranty on its products and customized filtration options to address specific water quality issues in their homes.

Overall, while there are mixed reviews of both companies products and services, it seems clear that many buyers find value in investing in an alkaline water ionizer for improved health outcomes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best water ionizer, Enagic’s Leveluk K8 and Life Ionizers’ MXL-15 are two powerful machines that offer a range of benefits for health-conscious buyers.

While both machines have their own unique features and limitations, the MXL-15 stands out in terms of its wider pH rangelarger negative ORPmore platinum-coated titanium plateslifetime warranty, and better technology.

Additionally, both offer various types of alkaline water ionizers with customized filtration options and financing available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Filter Machine and Life Ionizers MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer?

The main difference lies in their filtration technology. The Enagic Leveluk K8 uses a proprietary 8-step filtration process which includes ionization, while Life Ionizers MXL-15 uses a 7-stage custom filtration system with multiple options for customization.

Which machine produces better quality alkaline water?

Both machines are highly effective at producing high-quality alkaline water, but the Enagic Leveluk K8 is generally considered to produce slightly better-tasting water due to its added mineral content.

Is it easy to install these machines?

Both machines require professional installation by a plumbing expert, but the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed within a few hours.

Which machine offers better value for money?

This ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. While the initial investment may be higher for the Enagic Leveluk K8, it features a durable design and requires fewer replacements over time compared to other similar products on the market. Personally, we use the Kangen from Enagic K8 and are quite satisfied after 3 years of use. The Life Ionizers MXL-15 provides greater flexibility in adjusting pH levels of water but has more frequent filter changes required which could become costly in the future depending upon usage patterns & frequency of use over time.

General Facts

1. Kangen Water Ionizers and Life Ionizers manufacture high-quality water ionizers.

2. Kangen Water Ionizers are manufactured in Japan, while Life Ionizers are manufactured in South Korea and Japan.

3. Both Enagic’s and Life Ionizers’ MXL-15 are powerful machines that boost molecular hydrogen in every glass of water.

4. The MXL-15 has a wider pH range and larger negative ORP compared to the Super501.

5. The MXL-15 has more platinum-coated titanium plates and a lifetime warranty, while the Kangen has a 5-year warranty.

6. Life Ionizers’ Next Generation M-15 is one of the most powerful home water ionizers ever made, with more antioxidant potential and higher molecular hydrogen production than the Kangen K8.

7. The Life MXL-13 is a convertible water ionizer that can be used on the countertop or put under the sink with Life’s optional stainless steel faucet kit.

8. Life Ionizers offers a range of alkaline water ionizers, including countertop and under-counter options, with customized filtration options and financing available.