Dave Duggal Speaks at Structure 2015

EnterpriseWeb® is a Cloud Native Platform for I/O and Compute Intensive Applications that It enables event-based, data-driven, policy-controlled business solutions.
This Platform addresses challenges of designing, running and managing applications composed of distributed and diverse endpoints. It is a lightweight, horizontally architected and elastically scalable application fabric for connecting people, information and systems. EnterpriseWeb re-imagineered middleware for the 21st century, from monolithic stacks to loosely coupled fabrics where middleware and network functions are realized as dynamically orchestrated services. These Intelligent Software Agents, SmartAlex, automates Cloud, IoT, Network and Systems pipelines, as well as human workflows.

The platform operationalizes a Service Oriented Architecture to enable the composable digital business. It allows people to interact naturally with virtual and physical resources, flexibly forming relationships with objects just as people connect in social networks.