LogiFusion Consulting helps you transform the customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer service to help you grow and retain market share.


Your company must align resources and support systems with customer-centric operating models in order to effectively manage customer relationships across channels and product lines.

To be competitive, you need to:

•Engage customers in efficient, satisfying experiences.

•Differentiate your customer experience from that of the competition.

•Capture, align, and distribute key customer information from multiple channels in a timely fashion.


•Ensure that customer interaction remains fast, reliable, and consistent.

Our Approach

LogiFusion industry-focused experts apply customer-centric operating models and help you implement solutions that leverage personalized views across channels and products:

With our Customer Interaction services, you can:•Analyze interaction metrics across the customer value chain

•Design solutions and test usability

•Redesign sales and support processes

With our Customer Data services, you can:

•Create, manage, and segment customer profiles

•Optimize channels

•Design and implement customer self-care platforms

•Create and implement a customer data privacy strategy

•Build enterprise customer business-to-business gateways

With our Service Center services, you can:

•Build a service center strategy and globalization plan

•Automate customer care platform

•Optimize call center infrastructure

Measurable Outcomes

LogiFusion Consulting enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition and fuel your business.

Leveraging our expertise, you can:

•Create a personalized, value-added customer experience.

•Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

•Align customers with appropriate resources based on value.