LogiFusion Consulting Customer Centricity services provide a framework for more effectively dealing with customer data, processes, and interactions to improve customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.


Approaches to customer information management were often driven by independent, product-driven processes. These approaches resulted in fragmented views of the customer and significant redundancies in both customer management processes and customer information storage. To solve this problem and enhance customer relationships, companies are shifting to customer-centric information management.

Our Approach

LogiFusion Consulting provides an architecture for the processing and management of customer information, regardless of the entry point or channel. Customer Centricity business services can help you:

•Establish a core profile that serves as a common repository of customer information.

•Establish core processes that support regulatory requirements.

•Ensure that data quality and organizational participation support a successful program.
Customer Centricity technology services can help you:

•Implement a centralized data hub to store customer information for reuse.

•Generate the data elements and content for all forms.

•Implement a business process management system for the user interface, cross-functional processes and workflow, and integration of data and rules.

•Implement a rules engine for consistent validation.

Measurable Outcomes

LogiFusion Consulting Customer Centricity can help you:

•Drive a greater level of intelligence throughout the customer lifecycle.

•Establish the appropriate levels of data quality control and organizational participation.

•Develop a flexible architecture to support integrated customer data.