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Convert Leads to Sales with these 4 Tips

Sales are a process and one that takes not only time but also patience. There is no clear-cut path to success as each conversation differs from the last so make sure each one counts. All sales teams wish there was way to convert leads into sales instantly. Obviously there’s no magic pixie dust or spell involved, but there are ways to improve your processes and practices in order to convert leads faster.

Turn leads into clients with these 4 tips:

1. Retain as Much as Possible

Calling old leads rarely results in a sale but analyzing the data from old leads can provide invaluable information and feedback. You can use this feedback when grading new leads and developing new pitches. One way to achieve this feedback is by recording the phone calls. This, along with taking notes, is invaluable for training purposes. If you do take notes, be meticulous about it and if you’re a manager make sure to go over these notes with your staff. This will help everyone develop a better understanding of what works and what does not.

2. Be Personal and Proactive

Cookie cutter scripts can only take you so far and usually turn off the lead before you even get to the good part. A good team develops their own material individually; this provides a comfort level for the sales rep as well as the person being called on.

The sales pitch is the do or die moment for most leads. Reading a script developed for a nameless, faceless company rarely succeeds. It’s imperative to find an approach that reflects your personality and defines both who you are and why you are calling. Be strong and confident on the phone, but never push the client to the point of no return. At the same time, make the person feel they are in charge because addressing their needs – you are the solution, even if they don’t know it yet!

3. Listen

Listening to what a prospect has to say can be unheard-of for many but conversing with the prospect rather than only pitching them can provide key information. You can also gain their trust this way; you are endearing yourself to them and their concerns. Having a conversation is important — it is not all a pitch by this point. Remember you are their first point of contact before a (hopefully) successful partnership. Any information the prospect provides gives you is valuable and can benefit the sales process. Listen to what they say and use it to address their needs, don’t make it all about what the product does but how the product can help.

4. Distinguish Yourself

Make sure you’re memorable. Your leads are probably called multiple times per day by a handful of companies; what makes you stand out? It could be the product but they don’t want to hear it unless you can sound special. Hone your elevator pitch and get out what you have to say as quickly as possible. Make them fall in love with you and the sale will come easy. If they want to talk to you, they’ll want to learn more about your company and what you’re selling.

This is not to say simply following these four steps will solve all your sales issues because in honesty, it won’t. What it should do is provide a more direct and precise path to your sales conversations becoming sales conversions.

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