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Enable Mobile Apps for business with XPLORION

True technological innovation only happens when an industry looks beyond its dominant assumptions and focuses on unlocking the problems at hand. Today, the IT industry is facing three key challenges: spiraling costs, escalating complexity, ever-changing business requirements.

An XPLORION™ enabled Mobile Application environment is a completely dependable, secure, scalable and can meet these challenges. Our application fabric is based upon three unique, yet inherently simple, concepts:


    • The application is all that matters

    • Computing infrastructure is an interchangeable commodity

  • Infrastructure failure WILL happen, so insulate the application

About XPLORION – Mobile Apps for Business

LogiFusion delivers end-to-end IT and mobile business XPLORION™ SOLUTIONS that allow clients to achieve both quick wins and long-term results. Our track record of on-time, on-budget delivery is rooted in LogiFusion’s quality and management processes, and our client-centric approach to delivery differentiates LogiFusion from many competitors. We adapt to your way of conducting business, serving as true on-the-ground partners who can fully address client business marketing and technology challenges and help your business deliver to any mobile device or market channel with our XPLORION™ branded products & technologies.

“XPLORION’s Managed cloud really allows us to focus specifically on our business, and not all the IT stuff around it. Not that we can’t do it, but I have work to do!”

satisfied customer: Dustin —



Welcome to the next generation of Web hosting. XPLORION™ mobile apps for business offers a new level of reliability, performance and security. Our clustered, multi-server environment gives you the horsepower you need to keep your site operating at peak capacity. Real-time performance management ensures that your cluster will grow dynamically with you.



Our dynamic duo for traffic management – Cisco® load balancing and auto-adjusting bandwidth – keeps your site running smoothly, regardless of traffic spikes.

  • Load Balancing delivers your traffic to the servers with the most available resources, so your site isn’t tied to the limited performance of a single server.
  • Unlimited, Auto-Adjusting Bandwidth eliminates the overage fees you find with other Web hosts. Your bandwidth automatically increases as you need it, so your site can handle anything that comes its way.

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