LogiFusion’s Branding Management solutions enable you to shift the way you reach your current audience and potential market. To effectively compete for customer mindshare, you need a more streamlined approach to marketing across all media forms and channels. With Brand Management solutions, you improve marketing return on investment, brand consistency and compliance, asset reuse, and use of new marketing channels. You gain a unified marketing repository. You provide enhanced support for collateral production, creative users, sales, and agencies. And you ensure advanced management of images, presentations, videos, and documents.

Key Benefits

Digital brand asset management — Store, find, and repurpose all your marketing content, from images and logos to videos and presentations.

Brand consistency — Ensure brand compliance throughout the organization with a unified content repository.

Integrated authoring tools — Use industry-leading design tools to efficiently create, manage, and deliver high-impact marketing campaigns.

Tools for collaboration, review, and approval — Seamlessly exchange, review, approve, comment on, and discuss marketing content within a secure environment.

Marketing workflows — Consistently define and manage marketing processes across multiple organizations, systems, and applications

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