Best Pay Per Click Sites

Key Takeaways

  • To maximize your earnings in 2024, consider diversifying your affiliate marketing strategy by using a combination of top-performing platforms such as Adsense,, Ezoic, and click affiliate programs.

  • Prioritize platforms like Mediavine and AdThrive if you’re focused on high-quality content and wish to work with networks that cater to publishers with more substantial traffic and offer display ads for advertisers.

  • For niche sites or those with affiliate marketing strategies, integrating Skimlinks can provide an additional revenue stream through affiliates without the need for direct ad placement by the advertiser, leveraging website traffic and keyword research.

  • Explore Propeller Ads and Infolinks for innovative ad formats and solutions, especially if you’re an advertiser or marketer looking to monetize international traffic with less intrusive ads through click affiliate programs and affiliates.

  • Outbrain and Sovrn are excellent choices for those interested in content recommendation, exchange networks, and click affiliate programs, which can help increase website traffic and site engagement while earning PPC revenue through affiliate marketing.

  • Always keep your visitors’ experience in mind when selecting PPC and click affiliate programs; choose networks that offer relevant ads for affiliate marketing and maintain the speed and usability of your website while managing affiliates.

In the fast-paced world of online advertising and marketing, staying ahead means knowing where to invest your digital dollars in PPC ads, click affiliate programs, and website traffic.

As we leap into 2024, pay per click (PPC) marketing remains a powerhouse in driving traffic and conversions through ad networks to websites. With an array of platforms vying for your attention, it’s crucial to pinpoint which PPC sites with click affiliate programs will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of website traffic and marketing payment.

We’ve done the legwork and sifted through the data to bring you a curated list of top-tier PPC destinations, including click affiliate programs with high RPM in our network, that are set to dominate website traffic in 2024.

From industry giants with proven track records to emerging platforms shaking things up, our roundup, including affiliate programs and RPM networks, is your roadmap to PPC and click affiliate success this year.

Best Pay Per Click Sites
Best Pay Per Click Sites

Dive into our reviews below and discover which PPC affiliate programs websites made the cut as our top picks in our network—your next campaign could be just a click away.

1. Adsense

Adsense stands as a titan in the realm of online advertising, commanding attention with its vast network of affiliate publishers, significant website traffic, and reliable payment system generating money. Its dominance in the US is not accidental; a multitude of website owners and bloggers have embraced Adsense, making it one of the most popular PPC affiliate programs around, generating revenue with each click and driving traffic.


This platform offers an array of ad formats, including PPC ads, that cater to diverse needs across its network and website. Whether you’re looking for traditional banner ads or more modern native ads on your website, Adsense delivers with PPC affiliate programs that pay per click. Their offerings extend to video and mobile ads too, ensuring advertisers can reach audiences across different devices and affiliate programs within their network, including PPC affiliate opportunities on websites.

One key advantage is how seamlessly Adsense, a PPC affiliate program, integrates with Google Analytics for website click data analysis. This synergy allows for meticulous performance tracking—essential for advertisers keen on maximizing their PPC ads investment, affiliate marketers aiming to boost website clicks through contextual advertising, and programs looking to pay out money efficiently within a network.

  • Dominant market player

  • Variety in ad formats

  • Display ads

  • Video advertisements

  • Mobile-responsive units

  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics

For those considering alternatives or supplementing their strategy with PPC ads, exploring other platforms, networks, and programs through a website could be beneficial. However, few PPC affiliate programs can match the extensive reach and sophisticated advertising model that Adsense, a website network, provides.

2. stands out for its expertise in contextual ads and click programs, which are designed to blend seamlessly with your website’s content on its ad network. This PPC affiliate network approach enhances user experience by providing relevant ads through programs that feel like a natural part of the website.

With, you also gain access to the Yahoo! Bing Network. This partnership extends your reach, tapping into a vast pool of advertisers through PPC affiliate network programs and potentially increasing revenue per thousand impressions (RPM).

The platform is versatile too. It caters to various ad formats including:

  • Desktop interstitials: Full-page PPC affiliate ads that capture attention per program before users reach your content on the network.

  • In-content native PPC affiliate ads: Programs that appear per article or webpage content.

  • Mobile docked PPC affiliate ads: These remain visible per scroll while users engage with programs on their devices.

While some similar affiliate programs may require high minimum traffic per month, offers opportunities even for smaller websites looking to monetize their online presence effectively.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic leverages artificial intelligence to revolutionize how ads and affiliate programs are displayed on your website. By optimizing ad placements in the affiliate program, it ensures that every visitor sees the most relevant and least intrusive ads, which can lead to an increase in revenue over time.

The platform is not just about placing ads; it’s also a testing ground for various ad configurations, layouts, and affiliate program strategies. You can experiment with different affiliate program setups to see what works best for your audience without compromising their browsing experience.

Analytics are crucial when tracking the success of your affiliate advertising program efforts. Ezoic provides a comprehensive analytics suite that gives you insights into user experience metrics and affiliate program performance. This means you can make data-driven decisions to further enhance both site performance and affiliate program profitability.

  • AI-driven optimization

  • Ad configuration testing

  • Extensive analytics tools

4. Mediavine

Mediavine stands out as a go-to affiliate program for lifestyle publishers who focus on producing high-quality content. This affiliate program isn’t for everyone; it sets the bar high, requiring at least 50,000 sessions per month before you can join their ranks.

What makes Mediavine attractive is its commitment to not just filling your site with ads but doing so in a way that doesn’t slow down your pages through its affiliate program. Site speed is crucial — nobody likes a slow website, right? Mediavine gets this and works hard to ensure that ads, including their affiliate program, enhance rather than hinder the user experience.

For those worried about SEO, here’s some good news: Mediavine’s affiliate program and ad practices are designed with search engine optimization in mind. They understand that being seen by Google means being seen by future fans of your content. This attention to detail helps maintain visibility in search results while effectively monetizing your site through an affiliate program.

Key measures for publishers interested in partnering with Mediavine’s affiliate program include

  • A strong focus on lifestyle-related content.

  • Meeting the minimum traffic requirement of 50,000 monthly sessions.

  • Prioritizing fast-loading webpages alongside ad revenue generation.

5. AdThrive

AdThrive, an affiliate program, stands out for those with bustling websites, setting a high bar with a minimum requirement of 100k monthly page views. This isn’t your average PPC affiliate program site; it’s tailored for heavy hitters in the web traffic arena.

Once you’re in, personalized support becomes the norm. You aren’t just getting an ad service; you’re gaining partners in revenue growth, including affiliate marketing. Ad optimization experts, including affiliate managers, are part of the package, working closely with publishers to squeeze every penny out of their ad space.

The reporting system is another feather in AdThrive’s cap. It offers detailed revenue attribution that breaks down affiliate earnings so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. This level of transparency is crucial for strategizing and maximizing income from ads, including affiliate marketing.

But there’s a catch – fit is key here. Not every publisher will make the cut due to the strict traffic requirements for affiliate programs, making it exclusive rather than universal.

As far as affiliate payments go, they have a competitive edge too—no frustratingly high payment threshold that keeps your funds just out of reach each month.

Skimlinks is a savvy choice for those looking to transform their regular product links into lucrative affiliate marketing ventures. It’s like turning your website into a mintclicks factory without the extra effort typically involved in affiliate marketing.

With Skimlinks, you gain access to an impressive affiliate network of over 48,500 merchants worldwide. This means that no matter where your audience is or what they are interested in buying, there’s likely an affiliate merchant within Skimlinks’ arsenal that fits the bill. You can quickly monetize almost any product link on your site.

The platform also offers real-time analytics. These insights allow you to track which links are hitting the mark with your audience and which ones might need tweaking for better performance. Understanding link effectiveness is crucial; it helps ensure that every click has the potential to contribute to your earnings.

For anyone aiming at efficient monetization of their online content, Skimlinks provides a straightforward solution:

  • Converts existing links – no need for complex integrations.

  • Extensive merchant reach – options are virtually limitless.

  • Immediate feedback on performance – optimize as you go.

7. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads stands out in the PPC program landscape, particularly for its pop-under ads. These are a strategic choice because they don’t disrupt the user’s browsing experience. Instead of appearing over content, they load behind it, only revealing themselves once the user closes their main browser window.

This platform also dives into non-standard ad formats that can capture users’ attention more effectively than traditional banners. Push notifications are one such format offered by Propeller Ads, which appear as alerts on a user’s device and can drive engagement even when users aren’t actively browsing.

A noteworthy feature of Propeller Ads is its anti-adblock technology. Adblockers have become increasingly popular, posing challenges to advertisers and publishers alike by blocking promotional materials from being displayed. However, Propeller Ads ensures that your native advertising reaches its audience regardless of ad blockers.

By employing these tactics:

  • Pop-under ads enhance the browsing experience.

  • Push notifications grab attention without relying on an open browser.

  • Anti-adblock tech delivers ads despite user preferences against them.

Propeller Ads manages to offer a unique blend of technological savvy and user-friendly approaches within their PPC offerings.

In the world of pay-per-click sites, Infolinks stands out by offering a unique approach to online advertising. This platform specializes in in-text advertising, which cleverly integrates ads within the text content of a website without needing traditional ad spaces.

What makes Infolinks particularly savvy is its ability to deliver intent-based ads. It does this by analyzing web page content in real-time and identifying relevant keywords that can be hyperlinked with advertisements. When visitors engage with these links, publishers earn revenue.

Beyond just in-text ads, Infolinks broadens its horizons with additional formats:

  • InFold ads appear at the bottom edge of a user’s screen, leveraging search intent and user engagement.

  • InScreen ads provide an interstitial advertising experience that strategically appears between page views on a site.

These innovative formats are designed not only to enhance visitor interaction but also to increase earnings for website owners. By tapping into user interest through analyzed content, affiliates see better performance from their referral programs.

For those looking for alternatives to conventional banner ads or seeking tips on how to monetize their site traffic more effectively, Infolinks presents itself as an attractive option. Its seamless integration means users aren’t bombarded with intrusive advertisements; instead, they encounter subtle affiliate links that feel like natural extensions of the content they’re already interested in.

9. Outbrain

Outbrain stands out as a unique player in the pay-per-click (PPC) arena, emphasizing native advertising. This platform isn’t just about ads; it’s about blending them seamlessly with content through recommendation widgets.

What sets Outbrain apart is its commitment to high-quality networks. By partnering exclusively with premium publishers, they ensure that your business or program gets associated with reputable sources. This association boosts credibility and user trust.

Targeting options on Outbrain are extensive, allowing for precise audience engagement:

  • Interests: Tailor your campaigns to align with what users are passionate about.

  • Demographics: Reach specific age groups, genders, or locations for more relevant leads.

This technology-driven platform uses machine learning to optimize where and how your content appears. It ensures that the right eyes see your work at the right time.

For businesses in various sectors—be it technology, travel, or e-commerce—Outbrain can be a game-changer:

  • Technology companies can share cutting-edge developments.

  • Travel sites can entice wanderlust-filled audiences with destination guides.

  • E-commerce brands get their products seen alongside related articles.

10. Sovrn

Sovrn stands out in the world of pay-per-click sites by offering a suite of tools tailored for both display advertising and affiliate marketing. This dual approach allows publishers to maximize their revenue streams effectively.

One key feature that makes Sovrn highly competitive is its use of header bidding technology. Header bidding enables real-time auctioning, which means ad space on your website is sold to the highest bidder at the moment a visitor arrives, ensuring you get top dollar for every impression.

In addition to this advanced auctioning system, Sovrn supports programmatic direct deals. These are agreements made directly between publishers and advertisers without intermediaries, often leading to better terms and higher profits due to reduced fees.

  • Display Advertising: Tap into a wide range of ad formats designed to blend seamlessly with your content while engaging users.

  • Affiliate Sales: Leverage relationships with thousands of brands worldwide, earning commissions through product promotions directly within your content.

  • Header Bidding Technology: Experience real-time auctioning that drives competition among advertisers and pushes earnings higher.

  • Programmatic Direct Deals: Forge direct partnerships with advertisers for more control over the ads displayed and potentially better rates.

Final Thoughts on The Best Pay Per Click Sites

Exploring the top pay-per-click sites like Adsense,, and Ezoic, you’ve seen a spectrum of options to monetize your online content. Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just starting out, these platforms offer diverse ways to boost your revenue.

Keep in mind, that it’s not just about clicks; it’s about smart strategy and choosing the right partner for your unique audience. Mediavine, AdThrive, and others have their quirks—some might fit your style like a glove, others not so much.

Your takeaway? Dip your toes in different waters. Test drive Skimlinks or give Propeller Ads a whirl. Maybe Infolinks will surprise you or Outbrain will connect you with readers who click with a purpose. Sovrn might be your dark horse.

Best Pay Per Click Sites
Best Pay Per Click Sites

You’ve got the list; now make it work for you. Ready to rake in those clicks? Go on, get started—your PPC journey is just a tap away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top PPC sites to consider for 2024 for AdSense alternatives to boost website clicks and traffic through optimized landing pages?

Adsense,, Ezoic, Mediavine, AdThrive, Skimlinks, Propeller Ads, Infolinks, Outbrain, and Sovrn lead the pack.

Is Google AdSense, an advertising model for affiliate publishers, still a good choice for PPC in 2024?

Absolutely! AdSense remains a solid option thanks to its vast network and ease of use.

Can beginners use effectively?

Yes! is user-friendly and perfect for those just starting with PPC.

How does Ezoic differ from other PPC platforms?

Ezoic stands out with its AI optimization that boosts revenue while improving user experience.

Are niche publishers suited for Mediavine or AdThrive?

Indeed. Both Mediavine and AdThrive cater excellently to niche publishers looking to maximize earnings.

Does Skimlinks work well for content-rich websites?

Certainly. Skimlinks excels on websites loaded with content by turning links into monetized connections effortlessly.