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Let’s be honest, traditional college degrees are just too outdated. While professors are doing their best to give us students something that would help us enter the job market with confidence, it’s not enough.

The industry is well ahead of us, and the skills we need to propel forward in our careers have never been any more challenging.

So, this blog will put the spotlight on three of the best Google Certificates that are not only accessible, but highly relevant, and seriously affordable, and, if you’re to seek one, you might just edge out traditional college graduates in the job market.

It’s true! Guess what? That’s not the only thing I’m going to cover in this blog post. I really want to add value to this piece by expanding more specifically on how Google’s certificates and training programs stand out in educating students.

We’ll see how the format of tech video production for the courses is specially designed to engage students even those with the slightest of attention span. Plus, we’ll see how the hybrid style chosen for the video makes the learning experience even more attractive, and ultimately effective.

3 Best Google Certificates: How do they stand out in visual content?
3 Best Google Certificates: How do they stand out in visual content?

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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1.   Google IT Automation using Python

This one is another big one for an aspiring programmer. It’s a good starting point for anyone who wants to build on the core skills around Python programming and learn specifically about IT automation. It sounds fun, and the course content is indeed interesting.

Programming lessons are not too advanced. And, there’s a good reason for that. It’s an entry-level certification. That means Google doesn’t want to scare off new entrants with too complex program codes, and assignments.

Completion varies from person to person, but if you’re an average guy who’s hungry to learn, you will have it under your belt in less than three months.

2.   Google’s UX Design Certification

The next one on this list is Google’s most rigorous learning certification. It’s UX Design. While the market for UX is ever-growing, there will always be a need for designers who proudly hone their artistic talents, and can unleash their creative potential to create interfaces that are simple, stellar, and mesmerizing for the viewer.

Unlike others mentioned on this list, this one is tough. It’s not going to be easy. But, since it’s an entry-level program, it fosters building core skills for UX even for people who have no clue what UX design is.

The time to complete the certification varies from person to person. Plus, doing the certification will also help you build your much-needed design portfolio for the job market. I must also emphasize that just because you’ve completed the certification, doesn’t guarantee you a job.

You might even need to explore new learning avenues and work even harder on your portfolio. Let’s be honest, the certification is readily accessible. So, almost everyone you’re competing for the job has the same learning content and materials in their arsenal.

So, figure out how you’ll stand out.

3.   Google’s Project Management Certification

The last one we’ve is not any less in value when compared with the others. It’s the most diverse, all-encompassing, Project management certification. The course introduces you to a bunch of exciting tools, and techniques including Agile project management, and Scrum for projects.

This one’s more people-focused. So, I would recommend you to get a trainee role, and then pursue this certificate, so you can apply your knowledge to real business situations, and see for yourself how well you’re progressing with scrum techniques.

Moreover, completing this certification also equips you with the necessary knowledge, and skills to catapult yourself in attaining the Project Management Professional Certification, which is globally recognized, but requires great experience.

So, this certification can be a nice entry point for you.

How do they stand out in engaging learners?

Google courses feature hybrid video learning techniques. You’ve a presenter or a talking head who introduces you to the lesson, and then to illustrate concepts, you’re walked through compelling animated graphics.

It’s not just a great idea to keep the learners engaged, but more importantly, the use of animation is ideal to illustrate abstract ideas and instill concepts that can’t be understood by simply reading long blocks of text.

Just imagine you’ve colorful animations working on the whiteboard to help you familiarize yourself with concepts of data, teamwork, culture, and leadership. How often do you get that from online courses? That’s why Google’s courses have been a stand out in grabbing the attention of learners.

More specifically, it seems worthwhile to do so since 65% of all learners are visual. So course designers at Google don’t want to burden you with long articles, and volumes of books, which you don’t like reading. The objective for these educational courses is to instill the idea in the most exciting, yet efficient way possible.

And, it seems that these animated educational videos are working for them.

Moreover, there’s a quiz at the end of each lesson. It tracks your progress and is highly interactive. In addition to this, there are quizzes coming in between lessons just when you wouldn’t expect them.

The course catches you by surprise, and tests if you have been paying attention.

Final Thoughts on The Best Google Certificates

Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog, we covered three of the best Google professional certificates, giving you a glimpse of the nuggets of gold each one has on offer.

Moreover, we also gave some critical insight on the course content, and whether or not simply doing the course guarantees you a safe entry into the job market.

Lastly, we highlighted a few key features that make Google’s video learning stand out from the rest.

3 Best Google Certificates: How do they stand out in visual content?
3 Best Google Certificates: How do they stand out in visual content?

Hope you liked it.