Best Email AI Generators

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage AI for Efficiency: Utilize AI email generators like SaneBox, Boomerang for Gmail, and mailr as comprehensive solutions to streamline your inbox management, generate responses using writing tools, and save valuable time.

  • Enhance Email Campaigns: Comprehensive solutions like SalesHandy, SmartWriter, and Phrasee offer tools for tailored outreach and personalized writing in your email marketing campaigns, with automated follow-ups increasing engagement rates.

  • Improve Customer Support: Incorporate tools like EmailTree that offer solutions to automate responses and enhance customer support, leading to faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction. These tools can help and often provide a free trial.

  • Optimize Send Times: Use AI tools like Seventh Sense to schedule sales emails at optimal times for your audience, ensuring higher open and click-through rates, even during a free trial.

  • Interactive Email Experiences: Platforms like Mailmodo offer tools that allow you to create interactive emails with embedded forms, surveys, content, and images, providing a richer experience for your recipients.

  • Start for Free: If budget is a concern, begin with no-cost tools such as HubSpot’s Free AI Email Writer to explore how AI can benefit your email strategy, writing opening lines without initial investment or worrying about pricing.

In the digital era, communication and image management reign supreme, using the best Email AI Generators and mastering email outreach through writing and using the Best AI Email Generators is crucial for success. The best AI email generator tools are transforming our writing and how we connect, offering key features for personalized experiences at scale while saving precious time.

They’re not just tools for email campaigns; they’re virtual maestros of email writing, weaving words with precision in email subject lines and email copies to hit the right notes in every inbox.

These AI-powered tools harness cutting-edge technology to craft messages that resonate, ensuring your team’s writing and image in emails never fall flat or get lost in the shuffle.

Dive into our curated selection where efficiency meets creativity—scroll down for reviews of our top picks and discover which email AI generator tools hit all the right chords for you to generate copy and content.

Best AI Email Generators
Best AI Email Generators

1. SaneBox

SaneBox is a powerful AI-driven tool that simplifies email management, despite its cons. The management tool learns from user behavior to prioritize important content, ensuring your inbox contains only the copy of emails that matter most.

One of the standout tools of SaneBox is its ability to sort, filter, and manage sales emails with remarkable accuracy. Observing how you interact with incoming mail, identifies which contacts and types of messages, such as management, sales, content, and copy, are essential, pushing less critical emails into separate folders for later review.

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This comprehensive management solution seamlessly integrates with various email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, offering features to copy and manage content. With just a single click, users can start managing their email campaigns, organizing email content and copies in their inboxes across multiple platforms without switching their usual email management service.

Here’s why people choose SaneBox:

  • Prioritization: It keeps your inbox focused on high-priority emails and free to generate relevant content and copy.

  • Compatibility: Works with nearly any email client.

  • Ease of use: Simple setup process for emAIl management and content; no technical expertise required for email copy and AI email assistants.

For anyone considering trying out SaneBox’s email management, there’s good news: they offer a free trial period. This allows potential users to test the free email generator and email management features of the platform—including email inbox management—before committing to a basic plan or more advanced options, providing access without immediate limits.

In terms of security concerns—which should never be an afterthought—SaneBox maintains robust measures to protect sensitive information while it sorts, manages, and provides email management for your correspondence.

2. SalesHandy

SalesHandy steps up the email game for sales teams with its free, automated follow-up feature. This free, nifty email management tool ensures no prospect slips through the cracks, aiding in email generation and writing. It’s like having a virtual assistant who never forgets to send that crucial second or third email.

The AI-driven capabilities of SalesHandy, including email generator, email management, and email writing, go beyond just reminders. Email tracking becomes a breeze, letting you see who opened your emails and when. Scheduling is equally smart, allowing you to send emails at times they’re most likely to be read.

What sets SalesHandy apart is its real-time analytics. Marketers and businesses get immediate insights into their email management and email writing performance through their marketing efforts. Imagine knowing exactly which sales emails are hitting the mark and which ones need tweaking – that’s powerful intel for any small business or large enterprise aiming to optimize their outreach.

For those in customer service, this email management and email writing tool can mean quicker responses and better engagement with clients. And if you’re juggling multiple campaigns across various channels including social media and email writing, SalesHandy’s friendly interface ties it all together seamlessly.

In short:

  • Automated follow-ups keep your prospects engaged.

  • AI aids in precise email tracking and optimal scheduling.

  • Real-time analytics sharpen your marketing strategies.

Whether it’s refining product descriptions or improving customer support interactions via email, SalesHandy offers help every step of the way businesses communicate with their audience.

3. EmailTree

EmailTree emerges as a powerful tool in the realm of email communication, thanks to its AI-powered auto-reply function. This email feature not only responds quickly to incoming messages but also tailors each reply for a personalized touch that customers appreciate.

In the bustling world of email customer service, efficiency is key. EmailTree excels here by swiftly handling large volumes of customer service emails with ease. Its smart technology understands email inquiries and provides accurate, helpful responses, reducing wait times and boosting customer satisfaction.

One standout feature of EmailTree is its seamless integration with CRM systems. This email capability allows businesses to maintain comprehensive records of interactions and ensures that all communications are consistent and informed by previous exchanges.

By leveraging EmailTree’s capabilities, companies can:

  • Enhance their email marketing efforts with swift and intelligent replies.

  • Streamline email management processes for better productivity.

  • Craft professional emails effortlessly.

  • Conduct effective email campaigns backed by AI precision.

The result? A more organized email inbox, higher quality email content, and an overall improvement in writing emails – whether it’s a new sales pitch or following up on an ongoing conversation.

Employing EmailTree can revolutionize how businesses approach their email copy creation and overall strategy for engaging with clients via emails.

4. SmartWriter

SmartWriter is revolutionizing the writing process for personalized cold emails. By leveraging AI, it crafts individual and engaging email messages, leading to better engagement rates.

This email writing tool isn’t just a productivity machine; it’s your assistant in content creation. It understands your email writing needs and adapts to offer smart copy that resonates with readers.

One of the key features of SmartWriter is its ability to integrate seamlessly with platforms like LinkedIn and email. This makes email incredibly useful for professionals looking to connect with new leads or network more effectively.


  • Personalized email generation increases response rates.

  • Advanced features streamline the editing process.

  • A variety of templates cater to different content creation scenarios, including email.


  • May have a word limit on generated content.
  • Requires understanding of key features to maximize benefits.

5. Phrasee

Phrasee specializes in crafting email subject lines with the help of advanced AI technology. This email tool is not just about generating catchy phrases; it’s designed to optimize language that resonates with your audience, leading to better open rates.

The key to Phrasee’s effectiveness in email lies in its predictive analytics capabilities. By analyzing email data, it can foresee which words and tones are more likely to prompt a response from recipients. Here’s how it transforms your email marketing:

  • Language Optimization: Phrasee uses AI to pick the most impactful words for your email subject lines.

  • Tone Adjustment: It can adapt the tone of the opening line of your email to match your brand voice or campaign mood.

  • Predictive Analytics: The platform predicts email performance, helping you choose subject lines that are more likely to succeed.

Whether you’re addressing questions in an informative tone via email or sparking curiosity with engaging content, Phrasee adapts its approach accordingly. It even supports multiple languages, making it ideal for global email campaigns.

A step further into personalization, this tool ensures that every word counts towards compelling readers not just to open an email but also to consider replying or taking action—crucial steps in any successful email strategy.

6. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang revolutionizes email management with its ‘send later’ feature, which harnesses AI to schedule emails at an optimal time. Imagine crafting an important email message late at night but wanting it to hit the recipient’s inbox first thing in the morning; Boomerang makes this possible.

The Chrome extension is more than a scheduling tool. Its AI-powered assistant, Respondable, guides users through composing effective emails that are more likely to receive responses. It analyzes subject length, question count, readability score, and more to maximize your email’s impact.

What sets Boomerang apart is its seamless integration with popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook. Whether you’re on a desktop or using mobile devices, efficient emailing is right at your fingertips without switching between different apps or tools.

  • Schedule emails effortlessly with AI.

  • Use Respondable for higher response rates.

  • Compatible across devices with Gmail and Outlook.

7. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense harnesses artificial intelligence to pinpoint the perfect moment to send emails. By analyzing when recipients are most likely to engage, this AI-driven email platform ensures your message arrives at just the right time.

The system delves deep into recipient behavior patterns. It looks at past interactions with emails to understand individual preferences and tendencies. This means each email is tailored not just in content, but also in timing, increasing the chances of a positive response.

For users of HubSpot or Marketo, Seventh Sense offers seamless email integration. This melds valuable insights from Seventh Sense’s deep learning algorithms directly with your existing email marketing automation tools.

The result? A smarter, more effective email strategy that resonates with your audience on their schedule.

8. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is revolutionizing email marketing with its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, enabling interactive emails like never before. This innovation allows recipients to take action directly within the email—such as RSVPing to events or filling out surveys—without ever leaving their inbox.

The AI-driven core of Mailmodo focuses on crafting personalized email campaigns that speak directly to each recipient. Analyzing user behavior and preferences, ensures that every email communication feels uniquely tailored, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

One of the standout features of Mailmodo is its real-time email tracking capability. Marketers can monitor how users interact with their emails in real-time, gaining valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

This feature helps in refining email strategies promptly for better results.

  • Interactive Emails: Engage users with AMP technology.

  • Personalized Campaigns: AI crafts emails that resonate on a personal level.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Gain immediate feedback on email performance.

Businesses leveraging Mailmodo’s tools find they can create more impactful mail campaigns which often result in higher click-through rates compared to traditional email marketing methods.

9. Flowrite

Flowrite is revolutionizing the email creation process with its advanced AI capabilities. It’s designed to help users draft emails quickly, without sacrificing quality or personal touch. This tool stands out by learning from your writing style, ensuring that each email feels like you wrote it.

What makes Flowrite particularly impressive is its adaptability. The AI analyzes your previous emails and picks up on nuances in your tone and language use. This means the more you use it for email, the better it gets at mimicking your unique voice.

Compatibility with various email clients adds to Flowrite’s appeal. Whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail, or any other major email client, integrating this AI into your workflow is seamless. There’s no need for complex setups; just plug and play.

Here are some key features of Flowrite:

  • Rapid drafting speeds up communication.

  • Adapts to individual writing styles for personalized emails.

  • Compatible across a broad range of email clients for ease of use.

Users often worry about a steep learning curve when adopting new tech tools like email, but with Flowrite’s intuitive design, there’s minimal drag on productivity as you get accustomed to its features.

10. HubSpot’s Free AI Email Writer

HubSpot’s free AI email writer revolutionizes the way we craft emails. It employs artificial intelligence to analyze and suggest enhancements, making your email content more effective.

This AI tool is not just about writing emails; it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s CRM platform. This means every email you send can be tailored to the recipient, drawing on data from past interactions for a personalized touch.

Key features include:

  • Suggesting improvements: The tool offers real-time suggestions to refine your email messages.

  • Generating subject lines: Create compelling email subject lines that increase open rates.

  • Crafting personalized cold emails: Use insights from the CRM to write emails that resonate with each recipient.

The power of this AI lies in its ability to learn from user interactions and improve over time, offering increasingly valuable feedback on your email writing efforts.

Furthermore, using an AI email generator like HubSpot’s can save time by automating repetitive tasks such as creating follow-up emails or responses based on common queries, thanks to its advanced AI writing assistant capabilities.

Final Thoughts on The Best Email AI Generators

Navigating the world of AI email generators can be a breeze with the right tools at your fingertips. From SaneBox’s clutter-cutting prowess to HubSpot’s knack for crafting engaging content, each platform offers a unique edge to supercharge your email productivity.

Imagine slicing through your inbox like a hot knife through butter or penning emails that resonate like a hit song’s chorus—these AI solutions are your backstage pass to email efficiency.

Best AI Email Generators
Best AI Email Generators

Ready to take the plunge? Pick your AI sidekick and watch as your email game skyrockets. Whether you’re closing deals via email, managing chaos, or just aiming for inbox zero, these tools are your ticket.

Dive in, give them a whirl, and see how they transform your email correspondence. And hey, if you’ve found value in this rundown or have an AI gem of your own to share, drop us an email—we’re all ears!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best AI tool for managing my inbox, email writing tools, email campaigns, and email marketing campaigns with effective email subject lines?

SaneBox stands out as a great choice. It sorts through your emails, filtering out the noise and letting you focus on messages that matter.

Can SalesHandy automate my email follow-ups?

Absolutely! SalesHandy can streamline your email outreach by automating follow-ups, saving you time and hassle.

How does EmailTree use AI to improve customer service?

EmailTree utilizes AI to craft responses to common customer inquiries, speeding up support and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Is SmartWriter good for personalized cold emails?

Yes, indeed! SmartWriter excels at creating tailored cold emails that resonate with recipients, boosting response rates significantly.

Does Phrasee specialize in email marketing language optimization?

Exactly! Phrasee uses AI to fine-tune your email marketing copy, ensuring it hits the right notes with your audience.

Can Boomerang for Gmail, with features like optimail and smart copy, help me send emails at optimal times using mailr for messaging?

You bet! Boomerang lets you schedule emails to be sent when they’re most likely to be read, maximizing impact.

What makes Seventh Sense unique among these tools?

Seventh Sense stands out by optimizing email send times based on recipient engagement data – a smart move for targeted campaigns!

How does Mailmodo enhance email interactivity?

Mailmodo amps up engagement by allowing you to embed interactive elements directly into your emails – like magic!

Will Flowrite adapt my writing style in its generated content, including opening lines and email generation, for a more personalized workflow?

Flowrite sure will; it’s designed to mirror your tone and style in every auto-generated piece of email text.

Is HubSpot’s Free AI Email Writer, a user-friendly writing tool for beginners writing emails?

HubSpot’s tool is super user-friendly – perfect even if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of AI-assisted writing.