Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers: Top 10 for Dream Jobs

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage AI for Personalization: Utilize AI-powered resume and cover letter builders like VisualCV and Enhancv to create personalized and visually appealing resumes and cover letters with templates that stand out to employers in the job market.

  • Optimize for Applicant Tracking Systems: Tools like Resume Worded specialize in optimizing resumes and cover letters for applicant tracking systems (ATS), ensuring your resume gets seen by human eyes, with features like templates, and pros and cons listed on their official site.

  • Access Industry-Specific Templates on Official Sites: Platforms such as Rezi and Zety AI Resume Builder, market their official site key features including industry-specific templates with competitive pricing, which can be particularly beneficial for tailoring your resume to the job you’re targeting.

  • Streamline the Writing Process: Use Jasper Resume Generator and Skillroads builder with templates to help streamline the writing process on their website, offering suggestions for language and phrasing that resonate with recruiters and allowing you to download the final product.

  • Balance Design and Content: MyPerfectResume and Teal provide a balance of design and content with their templates, ensuring that your CV is not only attractive but also contains substantial, relevant information, all while considering pricing pros and cons.

  • Continuous Improvement: offers AI-powered tools and a resume builder for continuous improvement of your resume, allowing you to update, refine, and score your CV as your career progresses while weighing its pros and cons.

In the digital age, crafting the perfect resume with the Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers is a click away with cutting-edge AI resume builders, CV makers offering templates, and a scoring system to enhance your application, all with clear pricing signals.

These tools are revolutionizing job searches by offering personalized, professional-looking resumes tailored to your unique skills and experiences, with an intuitive builder and scoring system at competitive pricing. They’re not just about flashy templates; online resume builders employ smart algorithms that enhance content quality and ensure you craft a perfect, polished, standout resume to stand out in a sea of applicants.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional aiming for that dream job, online resume builders with customizable resume templates can be your secret weapon to craft the perfect, polished resume.

Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers: Top 10 for Dream Jobs
Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers: Top 10 for Dream Jobs

Dive into our curated reviews of professional and customizable resume templates below to discover which AI-powered assistant and resume builders will help turn your career aspirations into reality by highlighting your resume achievements.

1. VisualCV

VisualCV stands out with its customizable templates and eye-catching designs for professional resume creation. It’s a professional resume tool that caters to job seekers who want to present their work experience in a visually appealing way with AI resume builders. The platform offers professional templates and AI resume builders that fit various job markets and specific job applications.

One of the unique features of VisualCV, a professional resume and AI resume builder, is its analytics function. This allows you to track how well your resume performs, providing insights on who views it and when. It’s like having AI resume builders and career counseling services at your fingertips, giving you an edge in the competitive job market.


Sharing your resume is straightforward with VisualCV. You get a personalized link from AI resume builders that can be sent directly to potential employers or shared across networks relevant to your job search. This AI resume builder feature streamlines the application process, making it easier for you to distribute your credentials effectively.

The platform also supports integration with AI-enhanced applicant tracking systems (ATS), ensuring that your resume format is compatible with the screening software used by many companies for sorting through job applications.

2. makes resume creation straightforward with its fill-in-the-blank approach. This AI resume builder online platform streamlines the process, ensuring users can focus on entering their personal information without worrying about formatting.

The website offers a range of HR-approved templates. These AI resume designs from our resume builder meet professional standards and are crafted to catch an employer’s eye. Whether you’re in creative industries or more conservative fields, there’s an AI resume template for you.

For those seeking jobs internationally, supports multiple languages. This AI-powered feature broadens your job search horizon, allowing user resumes to cross borders effortlessly.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly interface: The official site is designed for easy navigation.

  • AI resume assistance: Enhance your resume with help from artificial intelligence.

  • Pro subscription options: Access advanced features for a more tailored experience.

3. Teal

Teal stands out by integrating AI-powered job search tools with its resume building capabilities. This AI-powered platform doesn’t just help you create a resume; it actively assists in your job hunt.

One of the key features of the AI resume tool is its ability to identify transferable skills. It analyzes your experience using AI and suggests how to present these skills on your resume, enhancing your chances for a match with potential employers.

For those who maintain their professional profiles online, Teal offers a handy Chrome extension. With just a few clicks, you can import data directly from LinkedIn into the Teal resume builder. This saves time and ensures consistency across your AI-enhanced professional documents and resume.

The platform’s design options cater to different styles, allowing users to tailor their resumes according to the industry standards or personal preferences they’re targeting.

Moreover, Teal understands the importance of beating AI-powered Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Its AI-powered features are developed keeping ATS compatibility in mind, helping your resume get noticed on any given day or month during the job search process.

With an array of options available within its interface, users have access to wide-ranging customization choices without needing an extensive tutorial—making it user-friendly even for those new to digital resume builders.

4. Skillroads

Skillroads harnesses the power of AI to elevate your resume. The platform analyzes your career details and suggests key improvements and industry-specific keywords that can increase your chances of landing the role you want.

In addition to building resumes with AI, Skillroads offers an AI cover letter builder. This AI tool helps professionals craft personalized cover letters that complement their resumes, further enhancing their job application.

A standout feature is Skillroads’ free resume review service. It gives you an AI expert’s perspective on where your resume stands in terms of education, achievements, and other critical factors compared to industry standards.

  • AI-Driven Suggestions: Get tailored advice for optimizing every section of your resume.

  • Cover Letter Builder: Create a professional cover letter that matches the tone and style of your resume.

  • Free Review Service: Understand how well your resume scores against different industries’ benchmarks without any cost.

Whether you’re stepping into the job market or climbing up the career ladder across various roles, Skillroads adapts its technology to serve diverse needs. By focusing on tools that boost employability in different industries, it positions itself as more than just a platform; it’s a partner in building success stories.

5. Jasper Resume Generator

The Jasper Resume Generator stands out by integrating AI to tailor your resume content. It’s like having a smart assistant that knows just the right words to catch an employer’s attention.

This tool is especially adept at crafting industry-specific phrases, ensuring that your resume speaks directly to the job you’re aiming for. Whether you’re in tech, healthcare, or creative fields, it adapts effortlessly.

With minimal input from you, Jasper can quickly generate a full-fledged resume. You provide basic information and let the AI do the heavy lifting—transforming simple details into compelling professional narratives.

Here’s how it simplifies the creation process:

  • AI Writing Assistance: The technology behind Jasper crafts content that fits your experience and skills.

  • Industry-Specific Phrases: It uses terms and jargon familiar to your field of work for added relevance.

  • Quick Generation: A few clicks lead to a complete resume designed for impact with potential employers.

Imagine cutting down hours of brainstorming the perfect way to present yourself on paper into mere minutes. That’s what Jasper offers—a streamlined path from start to finish in creating your professional story.

6. Resume Worded

Resume Worded stands out by offering a unique scoring system for your resume. It evaluates the strength of your resume against key metrics that employers look for. This can include how well you’ve integrated relevant keywords from job descriptions or if your work history is presented effectively.

The platform doesn’t stop at just scoring; it provides targeted feedback to help you improve specific areas of your resume. Whether it’s refining your summaries, optimizing the impact of your achievements, or enhancing other critical sections, you’ll know exactly what to tweak.

Resume Worded includes tools designed specifically for LinkedIn optimization. Given that many recruiters use LinkedIn as a talent search engine, having an optimized profile is crucial.

The tool helps ensure that summaries and job descriptions on LinkedIn contain relevant keywords to increase visibility.

  • Scores Based on Metrics: Assessing resumes with precision.

  • Targeted Feedback: Pinpoints where improvements are needed.

  • LinkedIn Tools: Enhances online professional profiles.

7. Rezi

Rezi is not just another resume builder; it’s a specialist in crafting ATS-friendly resumes. What does this mean for you? Your resume will be optimized to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems that many companies use to filter candidates.

The platform doesn’t stop at optimization, though. It also provides real-time content analysis and scoring as you craft your document. This feature acts like a coach, giving immediate feedback on how well your resume matches job descriptions.

But Rezi goes beyond just creating resumes—it also helps manage them post-creation with its job application tracker. You can keep tabs on where you’ve applied and organize your job search effectively, all within the same tool.

Here are some quick points about Rezi:

  • Tailors resumes for passing through ATS filters.

  • Offers instant feedback to improve content quality.

  • Includes a built-in tracker to monitor job applications.

Pros of using Rezi include:

  • Increased chances of getting an interview call.

  • Real-time suggestions help enhance your resume week by week.

  • The free version offers a range of useful features without cost.

8. Zety AI Resume Builder

Zety’s AI Resume Builder stands out for its step-by-step guidance, simplifying the resume creation process. It’s like having an expert by your side, suggesting what to include and where.

  • The builder offers tailored suggestions for bullet points, making it easy to highlight achievements.

  • Skills are crucial on any resume. Zety helps identify which ones you should feature.

Exporting your resume is a breeze with Zety:

  • Choose from various file formats to suit application requirements or personal preference.

  • Whether it’s a PDF or Word document, exporting is just a click away.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), this online resume builder tool enhances the writing experience:

  • AI suggestions streamline crafting personalized and effective resumes.

  • The system uses AI technology to analyze job descriptions and match them with your skills.

Zety isn’t just about resumes; it also includes a letter builder:

  • Create cover letters that complement your CV seamlessly.

  • The same step-by-step assistance ensures high-quality letter content.

9. Enhancv

Enhancv steps up the resume creation game by focusing on showcasing your personality alongside your achievements. It introduces innovative sections like “My Time” and “Strengths,” which help you stand out in a sea of applicants by highlighting not just what you’ve done, but who you are.

  • Personality-Packed Sections: The unique “My Time” feature breaks down how you spend your workday, providing a visual snapshot of your professional life. Meanwhile, the “Strengths” section allows for an engaging display of your personal attributes that make you ideal for the job.

The platform’s ‘content analyzer’ is another standout tool designed to elevate language use within resumes. It sifts through your text to suggest more impactful words, ensuring every line on your CV packs a punch.

  • Optimization Through Analysis: By scanning for optimization opportunities, this feature boosts the efficiency of how you present yourself on paper.

Collaboration is also made easy with Enhancv’s sharing capabilities. You can invite friends or mentors to review and comment directly on your resume draft—turning feedback into an interactive process.

  • Feedback-Friendly Collaboration: This function streamlines receiving and implementing advice from others, refining both content and layout based on collective insights.

10. MyPerfectResume

Creating a polished resume is straightforward with MyPerfectResume’s extensive library of job-specific phrases. This tool helps you articulate your experience precisely, no matter the job title you’re targeting. It’s like having an expert whispering in your ear as you write.

You’ll find pre-written bullet points that enhance efficiency and ensure your professional summaries are crisp and impactful. These aren’t just generic examples; they’re tailored to reflect key responsibilities and achievements relevant to a wide array of professions.

Professional tips accompany you throughout the building process, guiding your choices for a standout resume. Imagine having a career coach by your side, offering advice on how to make every section of your resume shine—from the opening summary to the final skills list.

  • Customizable resume templates let users adapt their resumes for different jobs.

  • The platform offers both free and premium options depending on user needs.

Final Thoughts on The Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers

Navigating the job market can be a maze, but with the right AI resume builder, you’re equipped with a map to the treasure—your dream job. From VisualCV’s sleek designs to MyPerfectResume’s guided wizard, each tool we’ve explored offers unique features to help you stand out. Think of them as your personal career sidekicks, ready to buff up your professional story with the kind of polish that catches employers’ eyes.

Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers: Top 10 for Dream Jobs
Best AI Resume Builders and CV Makers: Top 10 for Dream Jobs

Now it’s your turn. Pick the AI-powered pal that resonates with your vibe, and start crafting a resume that screams “Hire me!” Remember, the right words can unlock doors to new opportunities. So go ahead, give one of these builders a whirl, and watch your career soar. Ready for lift-off? Let’s get that interview!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top features to look for in an AI resume builder, including professional templates, cover letter templates, and applicant tracking system compatibility?

Look for ease of use, customization options, industry-specific templates, and smart editing suggestions. The best builders offer a mix of these.

Can I create a professional CV and cover letters with’s customizable templates and cover letter builder without design skills?

Absolutely! is user-friendly and provides various templates that do the design work for you.

How does Zety AI Resume Builder personalize my resume?

Zety’s AI analyzes your information and suggests content tailored to your profession, helping you stand out to employers.

Is VisualCV suitable for creating resumes and cover letters if I’m in a creative field, offering professional templates and a cover letter builder?

Yes, VisualCV has diverse templates perfect for showcasing creativity while maintaining professionalism in your resume.

Do any of these resume builders offer feedback on my existing CV and cover letters for job seekers?

Resume Worded specializes in this by giving expert-level feedback on your current CV to improve it significantly.

Are there free versions available for any of these AI resume builders or CV makers that include professional resumes, cover letters, and a professional summary for job seekers?

Many like Teal and Skillroads offer basic services or trials at no cost. However, full features might require payment.