Stay Motivated When Selling

I often get asked – how do you do it. It can sometimes be discouraging for us all if you aren’t having any luck with your clients. Here are 7 tips to stay motivated when selling to small businesses.

The key to sales is always staying motivated, and keeping up the spirit of hard work. Below we have laid out seven helpful tips for staying motivated as a small business owner.

You’re in Control of Staying Motivated.

Motivation isn’t something that just happens to you, that strikes like luck. You have to cultivate it. No matter how the tides are turning, or how the market looks on a given day, the key is to remain positive and not lose focus. It is up to you to stay motivated, and to keep control of your own drive.

No matter how difficult the client, how big the challenge, or how many sales you’ve lost – keep the motivation! Remember you have a good product and a valuable service team. (Even if it is a team of one!).

Challenge Yourself to Stay Motivated When Selling

It could be that you’re lacking in motivation and don’t even realize it. You wouldn’t be the first! If you’re suffering from lackluster motivation, challenge yourself by giving yourself a daily goal, or by asking yourself periodically, “How motivated am I today?”

Keep the “Why” in Mind.

You might find yourself stuck in a rut, just going through the motions, not fully engaged with your work, or feeling excited about sales. Routine has its place, but the more spirited you feel about sales, the more you will stay motivated when selling, Remind yourself why you got into business in the first place, and why this job is important to you.

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Keep Up Your Energy.

The physical and mental are combined, so if you’re feeling a little fatigued or lackluster, get up and walk around. Go out for some air, get some exercise, and jump-start your energy to keep focused on your tasks. Even the simple act of taking a few deep breaths and putting on a smile can work wonders for your motivation.

Set Big Goals.

Truly motivated salespeople set large goals for themselves and then do everything in their power to achieve them. If you set large goals, you’ll be motivated to aim big – to push your boundaries, work harder, and achieve more. Be ambitious!

Rub Shoulders with the Overachievers.

If you’re going to up your sales, it makes sense that you would spend time with those who are superstars in sales. Take the time to connect with people who are motivated and ambitious – the “winners”.

Stay away from unmotivated underachievers who won’t inspire you to strive for more. We all have them we just need to steer clear. As the saying goes “It is hard to soar like an eagle when you flock with turkeys”.

Give Yourself Rewards.

Every job well done deserves its reward. When you work hard and achieve sought-after goals, be sure to treat yourself. Set the reward ahead of time, so you’ll look forward to it – it will help you stay motivated to achieve those goals.