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Closing More Sales isn’t always fun. Making a sale, however, is a guaranteed good time. The tips below are offered to take you from “selling” to “Closing More Sales” more often than not. You won’t be able to guarantee a sale, of course, but you can certainly improve your chances.

Beef up you’re following up to close more sales

For many in sales, follow-up is limited to a call after the initial cold call, and that’s where it ends. If you make your follow-up efforts more systematic and robust, however, it can make a big difference. Set a schedule, and use a variety of different methods to keep in contact with your prospect. This can help keep you in mind and also gives multiple opportunities for the prospect to communicate in response. Always remember that most sales are closed in the follow-up. You need to stick around to see the sale through.

Become a trusted adviser and close more sales

Your follow-up efforts should include sharing relevant informational resources with your prospects. Industry developments, different applications for your products and services, and even simple online posts. The goal is to actually help out your prospect, or at least give them something interesting. If you become a source of good info, it can help open the door to being seen as a possible problem solver in the prospect’s life.

After all, if you’re plugged into the prospect’s issues, you probably have some kind of insight to share, right?

Talk about successes

If your company has helped out a client, let prospects know. It will help establish credibility and show that you deliver the solutions you’re claiming to deliver. It can also provide detail to demonstrate how your company works. Once a prospect has seen a specific example, it can be easier to understand what you’re offering and facilitate closing.

Be 3-Dimensional

No, don’t show up at a prospect’s office unannounced.

But if you only send emails, you become just another spammer. Call, connect on social media, or find another way to stay in touch. Again, don’t be a stalker, but don’t be one-dimensional, either. It helps round out the relationship you’re trying to establish.

Don’t give upclose more sales today

This is the most obvious piece of advice to give, but it bears repeating. This isn’t about getting rejected repeatedly. Instead, it’s about realizing that, even if you’ve been ignored, there may come a day when you are suddenly relevant, and you want to “be there” for that day. Circumstances and budgets change, and there may be a place for you. But you won’t know if you don’t reach out again, so go for it!

The worst they can say is, “No.”

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