5 helpful design tips

Now that you’ve decided to build a web app on WordPress, it’s time to make decisions about design. Designing sites can be fun and creative, and with just a few simple tips, you can have a great-looking, fully functional site for your customers to enjoy.

Even if you aren’t an experienced designer, with these tips, your web app will look fantastic.

Include relevant content for your customers

Of course, you want your app to have some facets of your business, but who is the web app really for? Your customers, right? So of course you want to take your customers’ preferences into consideration when building your mobile-friendly web app. Make your web app easily readable, by designing an interface with a font that is easy on the eyes, as well as simple, interactive menus that aren’t cluttered or confusing. The easier it is to use and read, the more likely people will use it and keep coming back.

Don’t go too color crazy

Smartphone screens are small, so you have to pack a visual punch in a small space. You can do that by using a good amount of contrast when designing your web app. The interface should be pleasing to the eye, with colors that contrast well together. Nothing too loud, nothing that will be hard to read, but just a nice balance of colors that complement each other. Make sure the color scheme ties into your business as well, and don’t use too many colors, or you run the risk of looking dated and unprofessional. You can even find tutorials online for finding the best contrasting colors for an interface.

Keep your app clean & streamlined

One mistake that a lot of businesses make when designing a web app is trying to cram too much into it, , or overdoing their design. If you want to avoid doing that – try to keep your app clean and streamlined. When it comes to apps, you can do anything you want, but using a heavy hand is never a good idea. Pick a template you like, and the contrasting colors, and design accordingly. Navigation, menus, and content all need to be easily accessed, intuitive, and easy to use. Clutter is not your friend. If a user has to spend a lot of time learning to navigate your app, they won’t use it.

Use high-resolution images

Choosing the right pictures for your app icons, loading screen, background images, and more is also really important. For starters, your images need to be of good quality with high resolution. Stock photos aren’t expensive, so starting there is probably a good idea. Be aware of background images too – screen sizes differ, so you need to tweak your photos and make sure that they will appear correctly for the user, no matter what device they are using.

Preview your app as you design

When designing a web app template, always use the preview function! Use it every time you make a change, to make sure that your web app looks the way it is supposed to. Double-check as many times as you need to until the app is perfect and up to your standards. Get a second and third opinion. Review it as many times as you can, to make sure that your users are getting the visual, functional experience they want and need from your web app.

As you design your web app never forget that less is always more on mobile. With these simple tips above you will be able to create a beautiful mobile app for your customers that reflects the uniqueness of your small business in no time. Interested in creating a web app for your business? Contact us today!

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